First season Halo It was a complete disappointment for the fans.. Unlike Last of us, the creators of the Paramount+ series moved away from the basic principles of the game and proposed an alternative plot full of inexplicable situations. He knows it Pablo Schreiber, the actor playing Master Chief, who stated what the worst production mistake was.

In an interview with the magazine sound effectsSchreiber talked about his role as a Spartan and how he fought with the show’s creators to eliminate the plot element. Actor he opposed the love relationship between John 117 and Maki, Covenant agent. Pablo Schreiber knew this was wrong and reported it to his superiors, but received nothing.

“At that moment I felt it was a big mistake and I argued and fought against it. But I am who I am. I don’t write scripts. “I only expressed my opinion, and I was not heard,” he said. The scene in question occurs in episode 8 (“Allegiance”), when John and Maki kiss and have sex in the UNSC barracks before Cortana looks on in amazement.

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Although the producers clarified that the story would not be canonical, no one expected that the series Halo will go a different way. The thought of taking off his helmet, showing his ass, or having sex is the last thing on anyone’s mind for a Spartan trained to save the world. In the end, Schreiber was right to oppose a story that didn’t fit the character.

Second season Halo let’s focus on the fall of the Limit

Halo there will be a second season on Paramount+, although without the participation of Kyle Killen and Stephen Kane, since showrunners. Kiki Wolfkill, former director of transmedia projects at 343 Studios and responsible for developing the series, will also not be there.

Judging by the first trailer new season Halo it will be darker than the previous one. Covenant forces are preparing to attack Reach, so we’ll see a lot of action and battles between the Master Chief and the alien race planning to destroy humanity. The trailer shows scenes of a terrorist attack in the city. Elite with her energy sword and a few seconds of the famous Halo ring.

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Second season Halo will be located on the same timeline (Silver time scale), hence events will not match what we saw in Halo Reach. The conflict is different, as the fight is over the Covenant’s desire for the Keystone. Another element that will impact the story is Maki, who has the ability to interact with Forerunner technology, much like Master Chief.

Halo The second season will premiere on February 8, 2024. on Paramount+. The series will be directed by David Wiener (Fear of the walking dead, Brave New World), and Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone, Jen Taylor and almost the entire cast of the first season will return.

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