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Claw, the most watched movie on Netflix worldwide, starring a tall Spanish athlete


spanish basketball He has a good reputation in the USA, thanks to skirmishes between the teams of both countries, where ours always opposed the NBA stars and even won matches.

maybe that’s why movie claw (Hustle in most countries) produced by NBA legend LeBron James. considers the Spanish athlete a great starsharing the spotlight with an equally famous actor Adam Sandler.

Spain and NBA basketball player Juancho Enangomesbecomes an actor to play the lead role Claw, a basketball-inspired drama but not an autobiography. The trailer can be viewed here:


Trailer for the new Netflix film “Claw” with Adam Sandler

Claw tells the story of an NBA scout, Stanley Sugerman (Alan Sandler), who has been traveling the world for 30 years in search of unknown players who can blow up the NBA.

His career has failed, but on a trip to Barcelona due to a failed signing, he accidentally discovers a player who is involved in street basketball games. Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomes).

Against his bosses, he decides to take him to the United States to try and get him in the NBA draft. Bo Cruz will have to face numerous difficulties, realizing that failure can be final, both for the scout and for the player.

Garra represents the acting debut of Juancho Hernangomes, professional basketball player who has been playing in the NBA since 2016 and currently plays for the Utah Jazz.

Alan Sandler’s charisma, LeBron James’ backing, and the good quality of the well-reviewed film made it popular. The most watched Netflix movie in the worldFor the last week:

Garra adds over 84 million watch hoursDubbing of the film in the second position, Interceptor.

Interestingly, in the original script for Hustle, talent scout Stanley Sugerman found his star player in China, but since there is no Netflix broadcast there, they decided to switch to another country where Netflix is ​​available. Spain was chosen due to the large number of players from our country (18) who played in the NBA, which made the scenario more plausible.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the movie. Claw exclusively on Netflix. We recommend you claw review at

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