Adaptation to live action Borderland is about to hit theaters. The film, based on the iconic video game, will premiere in the US on August 9 and will feature a luxury cast. The film was in development for about ten years, and there were those who thought it would never become a reality. However, Lionsgate proved them wrong and released their first trailer to whet their appetite.

The preview lasts almost three minutes and clearly shows the boastful and humorous tone that will be heard in the film. Borderland will lead Eli Rothknown mainly for his horror films such as the recent Black Friday (Thanksgiving Day). In his filmography, he has always demonstrated very overt violence. And it was exactly what fans of the Gearbox video game were expecting. The trailer gives a good idea of ​​what’s to come.

Plot Borderland will follow character Lilitha criminal who returns to the planet Pandora search for the missing daughter of the powerful Atlas. To successfully complete his mission, he will have to team up with a diverse group of characters. Among them Roland, Krieg, Tiny Tina, Patricia Tannis and the famous and funny robot Nonsense. They all appear in the trailer and look remarkably video game-accurate.

The film will also have a vibrant cast. Recognized Cate Blanchett She will be responsible for giving life to Lilith. Will be next to her Jamie Lee Curtis Like Tannis Kevin Hart like Roland and Jack Black giving him the voice of Claptrap. Main cast Borderland young woman completes it Ariana Greenblatt – best known for Barbie And Ahsoka– like Tiny Tina and Florian Munteanu as his masked protector Krieg.

Borderland confirms the trend

It’s too early to tell what the public can expect. Borderland. The film will take another six months to hit theaters. What is clear, however, is that Hollywood has fully embraced the trend, which is bringing big profits to studios. And finally, video game adaptations are starting to turn into first-rate productions rather than B-movies.

This is the case with Last of us, the acclaimed HBO series that is currently preparing a second installment. But there are other, very recent examples, such as Grand Tourismsaga Sonic or, last year 2023, Super Mario Bros. in the field of animation. Companies have realized how well these stories can be received if they are treated with care and love. And Lionsgate hopes to be the next to join this initiative. Borderland.

Source: Hiper Textual

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