For many, checking the current weather is a standard morning ritual after turning off the alarm. This process can be automated by training Siri to greet you and announce the weather forecast.

The application will help with this Teams.

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How to listen to the weather forecast on iPhone when you turn on the alarm

1. download free app Teams.

2. On the tab Automation create new automation.

3. Select condition Alarm – Stopped, can be used for any alarm or any specific setting. Recommended option Immediate launch and press Further.

4. Choose an action Pronounce – in field Text enter any phrase that you think you heard in the morning. Settings for voice, tone and speed of speech.

5. add action Weather – Get current weather and drag it to the very top.

6. At the very bottom of the list of pages is another block Pronounce and in the field Text indicate Weather.

7. Test the automation using the button on the right earbud. And press Ready.

Now every morning after turning off the alarm I receive a weather forecast.

Source: Iphones RU

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