Light year there are many things. A tribute to a science fiction classic, and another one that is much more sensitive to the generation of viewers who turned to toy story into the hit of a generation. But especially this Pixar’s first concrete attempt to communicate its engagement policy to a wider audience.. The studio struggled and managed to include a scene in the film showing a fleeting kiss between a same-sex couple. This decision caused immediate controversy and significant controversy surrounding the film.

As of release date Light year was banned in fourteen different markets. The list includes countries from the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, as well as some Asians such as Malaysia. However, both Pixar and Disney refused to censor the film. The result was a massive discussion about the purpose and method of showing LGBTQ+ characters in the animated world.

This is a controversy that revives one of the most important discussions not only about production, but also about Pixar as a studio. Even further into the discussion are projects aimed at children as a genre. How should language and symbols be handled in the face of pressure to censor certain content?

AT Light yeardecision to include narratives strange in mainstream projects this is clearer than ever. Not just for the fact of showing a kiss between a same-sex couple. The film confirms the fact of their existence and He is given a prominent place in the plot. This, although it may not seem, is an unprecedented fact in such productions. We could be talking about a new phase this may point to a new direction in understanding and deepening inclusiveness. One that, despite disagreements, stands on the need for new narratives. This is a long-term goal that Pixar seems to have set for itself over the years. light year is the best example.

The Long Battle for the Lighter

On March 9 this year, Pixar LGBTQ+ staff filed a complaint with The Walt Disney Company. The document stated that executives have been censoring any type of team inclusion for years in studio films. While they didn’t mention what projects they were talking about or give details, one thing was clear. Pixar had to face a liability debug any of your inclusive stuff. A fact that seems to have put significant and increasingly uncomfortable pressure on studio workers.

According to Diversityone of the productions that was about to suffer from a significant limitation of themes inside the studio was Light year. A film whose script shows the relationship of the main female character with another woman, this became a sticking point for Disney. In fact, there was some serious controversy at Pixar over the decision to cut the kiss scene between the couple. At the end and after the announcement, the scene was dropped. But more importantly, the study made it clear that his narrative will include the central idea of ​​a new type of family in the world of animation.

Until now, the representation of LGBTQ+ families has been limited to animated films that are mainly aimed at an adult audience. Both successes in 1999 South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut which Persepolis 2007 featured characters from the community. Oscar nominee last year run away also showed a gay romance. However, the genus seems to be special consideration when films are intended for a much younger audience. So it seemed last year when Mitchell vs. cars made it clear that Cathy (Abby Jacobson), one of the main characters, was a lesbian. It was a move of considerable interest, though timid, in relation to the consideration of the subject.

Pixar’s long road to kissing

For the past 27 years, Pixar has consistently fought to achieve effective inclusion in its films. However, over the past five years, the results have hardly become noticeable.

AT forward, released in 2020, Lena Waite’s character mentions that he has a girlfriend. There is also a brief glimpse of an embrace between the two women. Toy Story 4 2019. Definitely short outsideavailable on Disney+ is the most direct attempt to delve into the subject. The plot is about a gay man trying to tell his parents about their relationship in the midst of all sorts of hilarious mishaps.

Light year what seems like years of effort and dedication has finally crystallized. The scene is so fleeting that it barely stands out from a vibrant collection of science fiction references. nevertheless, it is an important milestone. One that makes clear the studio’s intentions to use an entirely new narrative in its analysis of love and romance. Can Pixar achieve its goal without suffering the shadow of censorship or, as in the case of Light year, adverse public reaction? We just have to wait for an answer.

Source: Hiper Textual

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