The 2024 Oscars will be one to remember. On the one hand, to celebrate perhaps the highest quality Best Picture nominees in recent years.. The other extreme is for demonstrating that the Hollywood industry is slowly regaining its stability after the devastation of the pandemic and the writers’ strike. It shows that despite the disappointments and obstacles, the film world still has something to show.

But the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also took seriously the idea of ​​evolving through all sorts of social and cultural changes. Last June, it was announced that the institution had made profound changes to the awards voting system. The most notable of these relate to the selection of the best annual film. Among the new rules is an increase in screening times in cinemas. This implies more than a week in at least six cities that meet the criteria for achieving this goal. At the same time, greater representation and ethnic inclusivity among talent in front of and behind the camera.

The solutions are designed to revive interest in the awards among various audiences, as well as modernize the procedures for selecting the best films of the year on the big screen. But despite the changes, the method is actually still very similar. Which includes, of course, the active participation of participants and analysis of productions, ensuring the selection of the best year in the cinematic field. We explain step by step everything you need to know about the North American Academy voting system and what should happen, so that the film can be awarded at an important ceremony.

Everything you need to know about the Hollywood Academy

Who is part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

Voters authorized to exercise their right to opinion According to the website, more than 10,500 artists and leaders of the global film industry are participating. This area includes unionized actors, especially those who are unionized, and winners in any year of the ceremony. This also includes filmmakers who have shot at least one film on North American equipment in the last twenty years.

Finally, the list also includes screenwriters (who have been involved in American projects at least once) and producers. For the craft part, a vote was taken by costume designers and makeup artists. Membership is not required, but you must have been involved in at least one North American film in the last 20 years.

The organization expands its membership through an annual selection process. This is an invitation sent to so-called “industry experts” that covers all types of participation. Last year, the Academy welcomed Selma Blair, Austin Butler, Paul Mescal, Ke Hai Quan, Stephanie Xu and singer Keke Palmer as active members.

Are Oscar nominees and winners members of the Academy?

Oscar-winning films you can watch on Star+

A curious statute from the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This is because all candidates, whether they win or not, are life members. In addition, they may repeatedly sponsor a possible candidate to participate in the general selection.

What is the Academy’s Board of Governors?

This board of directors within the institution decides and plans the strategic vision for the Academy. Thus, their responsibilities include changing rules, procedures, voting and participating in anything related to changes in bylaws. Thus, professional industry leaders are chosen by their own peers in an annual vote.

It is noteworthy that neither applications to the Academy nor its governors are personal. The organization selects its members and invites them to participate. However, two members may sponsor a potential candidate. lor it allows the Academy to analyze options and make decisions about the next individuals to join its ranks.

Does the Academy only give out awards for the Oscars?

No, and in fact, the rest of the many awards given out throughout the year showcase the various affiliates under its charter. The Academy oversees the presentation of the Governor’s Awards, which recognize creative and humanitarian achievements. In addition, student recognition and scientific awards, as well as technical achievements, which include the development of art in areas other than filmmaking.

Oscar voting

When will voting for awards begin?

The voting period for all participants in the various categories usually begins in December of the year preceding the delivery date and continues until the last week of February. During this time, voters may access materials either on their own initiative or through producers who make them available. The rules allow for press passes, giveaways in physical formats such as Blu-Ray, and personalized debates with actors and talent behind the camera.

Usually in December the first votes are eliminated, so the so-called “short list” is announced. The latter contains a dozen options, making the process faster and more direct. From January 11 to 16, members vote again to make their final selection of candidates.

In what order do you vote in different categories?

10,500 participants can only vote for the best film at a time. Otherwise, each guild votes separately for its specialty. So, actors vote for actors, directors for directors, and so on. This might explain such phenomena as the nomination of the best film of the year, rather than its director, as the most outstanding in its field.

You vote once via ballots and physical form, which are sent by secure mail to the Academy. Members should avoid identifying themselves or explaining who or what they voted for. But they can do this under the guise of an anonymous source.

Do all categories have the same rules?

No. The best international feature film and the best animated film have their own regulations. In the first case, candidates are selected in two rounds of voting. All of them will be included in the short list of 15 nominees. The voting is repeated until five are selected. At all stages, international films will have a certain capacity, which ensures that every participant will be able to see the production.

When it comes to anime, the same thing happens. Only this time, our selection of the best films includes an overview of the techniques and a deep dive into the technological features that enabled the production. Only films in which animation is part of the plot in more than 50% of the filming are eligible to participate.

Who votes for the Oscar winners awarded during the ceremony?

All participants have the right to vote for all categories in the final selection. This is done online and through the website of the auditing company Price Waterhouse Coopers. You can use the right only once for each category. The winners are determined by the largest number of roll call votes.. In other words, a set of numerical sums for each individual vote.

In the event of a technical tie, the auditors reopen the category and the prize is awarded to the person with more than half plus one of the votes. This amount has nothing to do with the previous figure and actually does not affect the final result.

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