Mad Max: Fury Road shocked the industry in 2015. George Miller presented the fourth part of one of the most prestigious film sagas in the history of cinema. movie surprised with its development, staging and a number of strong characters. Among the latter, one of the most prominent (if not the most) was Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron.

FROM Tom HardyWho’s playing Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron filled the cinema screen with her performance. To the extent that the bulk of the narrative is focused on her, on her desire to get to the green place, to be free from the influence Immortal Joe, embodied Hugh Keys-Byrne. The film offers several references to his past, which will be discussed furiousa prequel in development.

Recently, through his Instagram profile, one of the main characters furious gave hints about the filming that is going on. It was Chris Hemsworthwho shared the image with the message: “A new journey in the Mad Max saga begins #FURIOSA(A new journey begins in the Mad Max saga #Furiosa). Along with this leaked some images with part of the landscape Designed for the record. In this context, what is known so far?

plot furious

It hasn’t been officially revealed yet. However, references have been made that the film will explore the origin story of Furiosa, a character introduced in the movie saga through Charlize Theron. This may imply a construction or reference to the green world mentioned in Mad Max: Fury Road. It should be remembered that in the context of the film, natural resources are the main value of the story, along with a feminist message, with beauty and life as the narrative axis. furious This will be related to this story and will probably explain how he lost part of his arm.

release date

The film was scheduled for 2023. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed. Estimated its release date will be May 7, 2024..

Cast of Furiosa

Some names were associated with the first news about the series. Some of them are already known inside furiousprequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. They are:

Interpreter Paper Movie
Anya Taylor-Joy furious Debut in the franchise Crazy Max.
Chris Hemsworth He will be the villain of the movie. The name has not yet been determined. Debut in the franchise Crazy Max.
Tom Burke His role is still unknown. Debut in the franchise Crazy Max.
Nathan Jones straight bulge This character appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road. He is the youngest son of Immothan Joe.

The production team is led by George Miller, who directs the film and also forms the writing team with Nico Lathuris. They are joined by other names that were key during the filming of the film. Mad Max: Fury Road. Will be John Seal, in the direction of photography; editor will Margaret Sixel while art director Colin Gibson.

the villain furious

He will be played by Chris Hemsworth. But neither his name nor his history in the plot has yet been determined. Rictus erectus performed Nathan Jonesmay also be within this side of the story.

Chris Hemsworth will be Furiosa's villain

movie expectations

If nothing changes furious will be released nine years after the appearance of the character in Mad Max: Fury Road. That last film is one of the most important events in the history of modern cinema, perhaps the best movie plot action. Added to this aspect is the fact that the entire saga of films directed by George Miller is considered one of the best franchises of the seventh art.

Then, furious all this mythology built. One that concerns not only history, narration; it also includes the symbolic value of George Miller’s cinema, the actor’s austerity, and the aesthetic proposition. Not expected to be produced in the same caliber as Mad Max: Fury Roadbut movie distinct.

what movies do you want
see before furious?

Franchise Crazy Max. Not just to have contextual links, but because it’s an opportunity to get into the way movies are made. This implies both the symbolic aspect and everything related to the production and the end product being enjoyed on the big screen. Here is the list of films:

Crazy Max

He came out on screens in 1979. This was the first film to feature the character of Max Rockatansky, who at the time was played by Mel Gibsona highway police officer who, after a family tragedy, decides to take part in the troubled world he finds himself in.

Mad Max: Road Warrior

It was introduced in 1981. The radicalization of the character began after the events revealed in the first film. An increasingly wild world in which common sense today has come to be valued as much as natural resources.

Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome

Its premiere took place in 1985. The post-apocalyptic world presented in the previous films reaches its magnificence after a nuclear explosion. This trilogy starred Mel Gibson.

Mad Max Franchise

Mad Max: Fury Road

The first of the films in which Mel Gibson did not participate. He was played by Tom Hardy. While Max Rockatansky remains an important part of the story, the force with which Furiosa emerged has upset that balance. A strong female character in the world of men, in which she manages to win. Along with adding implementation: it’s a powerful visual experience.

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