In a strange strategy, Prime Video has once again changed the release date of the highly anticipated film. fall out. The series, which was supposed to premiere next Friday, April 12, will hit the small screen on Wednesday 10. The move shows that the platform is aware of the expectations that the appearance of an adaptation of the famous game has raised. Especially the promise of being a story that pays homage to the original and its interesting universe. One of the most attractive of a long list of gaming consoles in recent times.

However, the date change is also an ideal time to appreciate the significant importance of the source material and its evolution. Moreover, Prime Video promises to scrupulously respect various scenarios, as well as begin what could become a long-term saga. As you remember, the platform was successful in various adaptations of various Intellectual property with significant pop culture value.

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From the television version of the literary saga Wheel of Timeto that of Jack Ryan And reachingeven a comic Boys. Even what is controversial The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, part of the universe created by J. R. R. Tolkien. The truth is that the subscription service knows how to tell and delve into complex worlds and, most importantly, is hugely popular. Which makes it clear that the work of Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan in the scripts (from Westworld), will be a massive tribute to the game’s diverse setting and characters. To make it easier for you to follow the story, we’re leaving you with everything you need to know before the series premiere. A useful guide whether you’re a fan or new to the material.

Complex story, but well told

fall out is a saga of role-playing, action and dystopian sci-fi video games created by Interplay Entertainment. The company, founded in 1983 – then called Interplay Productions– Brian Fargo, Rebecca Heineman, Jay Patel and Troy Worrell were the first to explore this premise.

But later it would be Bethesda Game Studios who would develop it properly and in the form in which it is known today. The latter is also responsible for putting the finishing touches on an increasingly complex, broad and unique world. Particularly among the many apocalyptic scenarios surrounding the world of video games.

This premise itself includes several. But for the purposes of the Amazon Prime series, you need to know the following. The story centers on an apocalyptic future in which the final ravages of a global fire are raging. As often happens, the basis is a confrontation between two world powers. This time we are talking about a long-range nuclear war between the United States and China. What it left behind, and not just the fall of civilization as we know it. And also a new society full of mutants who form factions competing with each other for control of power.

The franchise is getting bigger

From this point on, the game becomes more and more difficult. The first, which went on sale in 1997, created the scenario described above. This made its central scenario a brutal and violent version of the usual survival trope. However, history soon left this first scenario behind. explore all sorts of new regions and explore their mythology in a series of sequels.

fall out

Those that fuel the central part of the arguments reached the public between 2001 and most recently, in 2019, with Fallout 76. They all explore the historical background of the saga, which is important for understanding the various ramifications of the story.

In the game’s timeline, history is separated from known events to create an alternate universe. Taking another step into new territories, the technologies of this parallel reality developed completely differently from ours. What does it give fall outits famous retrofuturist aesthetic and the sense that everything that is told belongs to a new interpretation of violence.

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