Hugh Jackman will don the historic yellow and blue Wolverine costume for the first time in a long time. Deadpool and Wolverine, This is not new. However, over the past few hours, it has been revealed what the character will look like when he dons his iconic look for the first time. yellow and black mask. And this happened in a very peculiar way.

As part of CinemaCon 2024 Podcast about cinema shared images of soft drink cups that will be delivered to theaters after its release Deadpool and Wolverine. In them, Ryan Reynolds’ character can be seen in one of his typical mocking poses, while simultaneously appearing Wolverine with his costume from comics and animated series, with outstretched claws and, curiously, with mask on.

The glass also features the Coca-Cola logo and the words “Marvel Studios – Deadpool & Wolverine – In Theaters Only“. IGN shared more photos of the glasses in question appearing alongside others promoting future releases such as Furious, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes And Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, which returns to theaters in May to celebrate its 25th anniversary. So there is nothing to indicate that we are dealing with a fake, especially when we are talking about CinemaCon.

In any case, it is worth saying that the Wolverine seen in the glass image looks digitally created. That is, this is not a real photo of Hugh Jackman wearing a yellow and black mask. Regardless, it’s a good hint of what we might see if Deadpool and Wolverine go on the big screen.

Will Wolverine wear his iconic mask? Deadpool and Wolverine?

The glass may not be an endorsement of anything, but Marvel wouldn’t risk releasing promotional material that didn’t truthfully reflect what happens in its productions. Also, considering that Hugh Jackman appears in the film wearing a yellow and blue suit, this is a fact. It would even be illogical if the creators Deadpool and Wolverine they wouldn’t include a mask. In any case, the mystery will likely only be revealed when the feature film debuts in theaters. Unless there’s a surprise in the next trailer.

In the first preview Deadpool and Wolverine, Wolverine has a fleeting appearance. We only see the character’s shadow projected onto Wade Wilson before attacking him with her claws. In this short shot, you can see that Hugh Jackman is not wearing any mask.

To this we must add that photos from the filming of the fight between Deadpool and Wolverine also show the Australian actor with an open face. So, if Wolverine does use the mask, it will happen at another point in the film.

Yeah Deadpool and Wolverine shows Wolverine in a mask, will fulfill the biggest wish of X-Men fans. Let’s not forget that in the original Fox trilogy, mutants wore black suits, and the aesthetics of the comics and animated series of the nineties were never carried over into other feature films in the saga.

Hugh Jackman was the closest to Wolverine’s yellow suit – until Deadpool and Wolverineof course – it was in a deleted scene from Wolverine (2013). In it, the character is seen on board a private jet opening a gift from Yukio. They appear in the box mask and yellow gloves from the original costumeand Logan looks at the young woman incredulously.

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