On July 15, 2016, the first season of the series was released. Stranger Things and the history of Netflix—and subscription services—changed forever. The reason is very simple. The series opened up all the possibilities of the so-called marathon, which is nothing more than watching all the episodes of a production in one sitting. By that time, the platform had already tried this experience and yielded good results. So much House made of cards How Orange is the new blackreleased seasons with complete episodes. And they became favorites of subscribers.

But what was different from the Duffer Brothers’ work was that it was designed for consistent enjoyment. The same thing, without any pauses and with all the chapters that are interesting enough to avoid them. The resounding success changed consumer habits forever and demonstrated that streaming is about a different way of understanding content. One that allowed us to deepen the story as it is. the way its creators imagined, and without fear of interest dissolving over time.

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Currently, full seasons of the series continue to be a fundamental part of online platforms. Despite this, the one episode per week format is again part of the offer for a very simple reason. The need for different productions to keep the audience in their seats for more than a day. As proof, we leave you with the best series that you can enjoy with one episode per week or more on Star+. From a castle tour to a woman finding her place in the moment. Everything to enjoy the series the old fashioned way, ineven in the format of the latest subscription services.

Villa Vanderpump: luxury and secrets

This reality show will delight fans of stories telling about the adventures and misadventures of the participants who will compete for the prize. But this time, beyond the triumph, it is a total experience. Vanderpump Villa: Splendors and Secrets (airing two episodes, one per week through May) follows the daily lives and struggles of a group of employees. And all this under the roof of the exclusive French castle Rosabel.

The group must fight to maintain its status in the ownership hierarchy. It’s under the watchful eye of Lisa Vanderpump (from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), which will determine who is best suited to continue. But, of course, this is more than just a job competition.

Through hard work, etiquette, coexistence issues and occasional gossip, the program focuses on an increasingly complex panorama of employee relationships. This will lead to the most difficult and controversial point, since winning (or staying) means the difference between professional success and anonymity.

It doesn’t matter when

All the money you want. To win that elusive prize that is always a little further away. Impossible love. All your wishes are at your disposal at the agency Desejos SA, which claims to be able to fulfill everything you need for a relatively low price. Assure the mysterious company owners and their team that you will be in their debt in the future. Moreover, you must comply with it without question and to the best of your ability.

The idea behind this Brazilian series is interesting. To fulfill wishes, the mysterious office does not resort to magic or any mystical elements. It’s up to his long list of tricksters to show up at the most unexpected—and necessary—moments to complete this ever-expanding chain of thanks. chapter by chapter.

But let no one be deceived. Desejos SA is not as harmless as it seems, and does not pretend to be. Something that will become clearer in each weekly episode and will eventually reveal Even the most innocent services come at a difficult price.

Land of Sand: The Series

The latest adaptation of the late Akira Toriyama’s work has arrived on Star+ with five out of seven chapters. Delving deeper into the film’s 2023 narrative, the production is a full-fledged dystopia. In the story, a merciless war destroyed the entire planet. This, moreover, has led to the fact that water has become a treasure accessible to few. In a similar situation The greedy king took power into his own hands, allowing the establishment of a despotic system.

Things will only get stranger when Sheriff Rao decides it’s time to put an end to this system. Therefore, he will ask the demon king to help him find the legendary lake. And you will receive an answer, only to your surprise, it is the son of the infernal monarch who will come to your aid in the midst of what seems to be an increasingly difficult journey. And, like all of Toriyama’s work, it’s also fun.

This extravagant take on Mad Max becomes more unique as the story expands beyond the film and into the world of manga. If you are a lover of famous original world, this series available on Star+ is for you.

Impossible Heir

Kang In Ha Ha (singer Lee Joon Young) had to endure poverty and humiliation for most of his life. That is why, when he finds out that he is the illegitimate son of the owner of a business conglomerate, he will try to get closer to the family to find a convenient position. But he will have to face the idea that he is not only rejected by his surviving relatives, but also considered an upstart from whom he must be protected.

Determined to get what he believes is his, he joins forces with two of his childhood friends to counter such resistance. Which will lead him to an increasingly difficult unequal battle and to the brink of betrayal. Gradually, what begins with the need to take control of companies that thinks they belong to him, it will be a confrontation with his ideals.

This South Korean series explores more than just ambition. He also does this out of fear of greed and where fear, pain and desire can lead. And all this according to a complex scenario, which will become more complicated with each episode.premiering every Wednesday from March 2024.

Life and Beth

Beth (Amy Schumer) has everything she needs to be happy. Only this is not the case, despite her success as a wine distributor and a stable relationship with a charming man. But this woman, who as a child dreamed of freedom and a type of romance unknown to her, will look for a way to understand the reason for her discontent. Especially when he returns to his childhood home to find answers to his big existential questions.

subscribe to Star+ and you will have access to the best TV series and exclusive films How Stranger, Simpson, X-Men And the walking Dead. Includes Star originals And all sports from espnlike La Liga, Champions League and Formula 1.

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With nearly hour-long episodes that make marathoning nearly impossible, this series is all you need if you want a story that takes time to get into. Especially when Beth realizes that success is not the only thing she needs to be happy. A point that will take you to strange places along your path. see the world and, finally, your personal decisions.

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