Good news for fans The Beatles. Let it beA documentary film, which premiered in 1970 and describes the recording process of the album of the same name, will soon be released. Disney+ hand Peter Jackson. New Zealand film directorLord of the Rings, Hobbit) was responsible for restoring the film he originally directed. Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

Let it be will next debut on Disney+ May 8as confirmed by the company via X (Twitter). This will be the first time in over 40 years that a feature film will be officially available, having been virtually impossible to obtain since the early 1980s.

It’s worth mentioning that Let it be was released in May 1970, just weeks after The Beatles announced they were breaking up. This resulted in the documentary not receiving good reviews and even being classified as “sad” or “depressing”. Despite this, the fragment with the band’s unexpected concert on the roof of the Apple Corps office became a landmark record for the music and film industry.

The choice of Peter Jackson to carry out the restoration was not accidental. The director was responsible for Return, a three-part documentary premiering in 2021 on Disney+. This production was made from unpublished archival material recorded by Lindsay-Hogg for Let it bebut this was left out of the feature film.

Peter Jackson wears Let it beby The Beatles, for Disney+

The Beatles.

As we said earlier, Let it be not officially available in any format for over 40 years.. The documentary was released on VHS, LaserDisc, Betamax and Videodisc only between 1981 and 1982. However, these versions received very negative reviews due to poor quality and were only available on the market for a short time.

After all, the Beatles’ last film continued to be pirated. However, there was never an official release for more modern platforms such as DVD or Blu-ray. But history is about to change thanks to streaming and the previous work Peter Jackson has done. Return.

When the documentary miniseries launched on Disney+, Jackson explained from the outset that his future intention was to help restore Let it be. And he achieved it. The New Zealander spoke with great enthusiasm about the work done and emphasized that both productions wereLet it be And Return– they complement each other:

“The two projects support and improve each other: Let it be this is the climax ReturnBye Return provides vital context that is missing in Let it be“.

Peter Jackson.

To achieve proper recovery, Peter Jackson had access to the original 16mm negatives.. In addition, the sound has been updated using the same technology that was already implemented in Return, it was reported. Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Director Let it be, had the opportunity to see a snippet of the version that will be released on Disney+. In an interview with New York TimesI was shocked by the final result:

“When Peter first showed me the restored footage from the film, one of them showed the two Beatles from behind, and in the original their hair looked very tangled. Then he said, “Now let me show you what we’re working on.” .’ It was the same shot, but individual strands of hair were visible. The new version is the 20th century film version, certainly brighter and more vibrant than what was recorded on video. it could have been seen in 1969 or 1970, although, at my request, Peter gave it a more cinematic tone than Returnwhich had a slightly more modern and digital look.”

Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

Let it be Premieres on Disney+ next May 8.

Source: Hiper Textual

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