Alphabet-owned self-driving vehicle software developer Waymo has received approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to commercially transport passengers in self-driving taxis. The permit is valid in select areas of Los Angeles and the San Francisco Peninsula.

Alphabet subsidiary Waymo received permission to operate an unmanned taxi in California


As CNBC reports, in mid-February 2024, Waymo voluntarily recalled driverless taxi prototypes operated in the United States due to two incidents in Phoenix, Arizona.

Two different vehicles then took turns colliding with the same towed truck due to a software defect. The regulator said it approved Waymo’s request, including “thanks to the company’s updated Rider Safety Plan.”

Waymo has been testing its autonomous taxis for several years. In autumn 2022, the company received permission to transport passengers. Now the service can charge customers money for this.

CNBC notes that the Alphabet subsidiary has surpassed competitors from Cruise (owned by General Motors) and Tesla, and can also conduct business near Tesla’s office in Palo Alto.

Cruise has not yet resumed operating driverless taxis in California due to a collision with a pedestrian last October in San Francisco.

Tesla is still working on an autonomous vehicle that can operate safely without the help of a human behind the wheel.

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