The best puzzle games for iPhone

Improve your mental agility and resolution with the best puzzle games for iPhone, available for free download from the App Store.

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this jigsaw puzzles It is the perfect entertainment option for those who they like challenges and enjoy testing mental abilities while solving puzzles.

The best puzzle games - for iphone and ipad

If you want to know which are the best puzzle games for iPhone, check out this list of options we’ve brought to you.

Also, they are perfect for keep your brain activeimprove your ability critical, analytical and decisive conflicts no matter how old you are. If you want to hang out and test yourself, we leave you some jigsaw puzzles for iphone which you will definitely like.

8 Addictive iPhone Puzzle Games on the App Store

  • Puzzles – Puzzle Game
  • Block Puzzle – Brain Teasers
  • Water Sorting Puzzle
  • BlockPuz – Block Puzzle
  • Brain Quiz: Tricky Riddles
  • 1LINE one hit puzzle game
  • Blockudoku – Block puzzle
  • Unblock me

You can find a wide variety if you search the App Store. jigsaw puzzles You can download with different themes. Since puzzles, brain teasers, blocks and researchhere we leave you one of the most addictive ones.

Puzzles – Puzzle Game

Puzzles: more than 10,000 puzzles

Puzzles: more than 10,000 puzzles

If you are a puzzle fan, Puzzles – Puzzle Game It is a game that you will enjoy to the fullest. owner More than 13,000 high resolution images that you can go for hours to hang out, relax and clear your mind when you need it.

You can choose from different categories of images for fun. Puzzles from 36 to 400 pieces So you will test your skills. Also, every day you take completely free new puzzleEarn coins to unlock seasonal events and even special puzzles.

Block Puzzle – Brain Teasers

Block Puzzle: analysis and concentration

Block Puzzle: analysis and concentration

Block Puzzle – Brain Teasers It’s a demanding game. analysis and concentration to find the right solution. This wood block puzzle challenges you to fit different pieces. shape and size No spaces in 10×10 cells.

Of course, don’t feel pressured while solving as there is no time limit. Best of all, it doesn’t require Internet connectionso it’s perfect for hanging out and distracting at any time.

Water Sorting Puzzle

Sort water by color with Water Sort Puzzle

Sort water by color with Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sorting Puzzle this is a very simple game but it will get you thinking hard enough to find the right combination. your homework to classify water according to its corresponding color. As simple as it sounds, there is a rule and it is only if it is connected to the same color, you can pour it into the tube.

As you will see, it is a game that encourages you to think beyond what you see to find what you are looking for. the right solution. Different unique levelswithout penalty or time limit, and completely free.

BlockPuz – Block Puzzle

Relax your mind with BlockPuz

Relax your mind with BlockPuz

After the series of puzzles and wooden blocks, BlockPuz – Block Puzzle is an innovator casual game this will help you relax your mind with just a few minutes a day.

Your goal is to complete the shape shown on the screen from one place. block series presented to you, so you must fill in each field until you get it. Simple, easy to play and great fun best way to describe it.

Brain Quiz: Tricky Riddles

Brain Test: fun and addictive game

Brain Test: fun and addictive game

brain test this is a fun and addictive game You will have to solve different puzzles using your logic and believe it or not your imagination. What seems obvious at first glance may not be so and you may end up wrong, so you need to think outside the box.

You don’t have to worry though every level is so fun where you will spend hours and hours of fun. Best of all, it does not require an internet connection and completely free.

1LINE one hit puzzle game

1LINE one: connect all points with a single line

1LINE one: connect all points with a single line

If one puzzle game to keep your mind busy and active, 1LINE one hit puzzle game It is an excellent alternative. There is only one rule: “Connect all points with a single line”. Yes, just as you read. The game gives you complete freedom to complete challenges as long as you stick to this rule.

owner 15 levels and total 850 stages The degree of difficulty increases as you progress, so the level of demand on your mind will be higher. Since one-way lines until overlapping lineseverything is possible.

Blockudoku – Block puzzle

Blockudoku: the ultimate block obscurity

Blockudoku: the ultimate block obscurity

As the name suggests, Blockudoku – Block puzzle is a combination between classic block and sudoku game providing a simple yet challenging experience that will help you keep your mind active anytime.

this the rules are very simple: you only need to place Blocks in a 9×9 grid Complete the lines and boxes to clear the board. owner daily challenges Y seasonal events along with unique rewards, as well as being able to customize the game to your own style so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Unblock me

Unblock me different puzzles

Unblock me: 18,000+ different puzzles

Finally, Unblock me this is one of them jigsaw puzzles for iphone preferred by users. It is an addictive, challenging and fun puzzle game where you will test your skills. cognitive abilities and Problem solution to release the part shown.

With More than 18,000 different puzzles Y four unique game modes (relax, challenge, multiplayer or casual) perfect for all ages. Use your mind and test your skills simple game but it’s fun to hang out with.

this jigsaw puzzles They provide excellent benefits for your physical, mental and psychological health, so keep your mind active with these games and have fun doing it.

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