Some of the most important scenes from the miniseries My stuffed reindeer, they are very unpleasant to see. Some verge on the graphic, recounting the very difficult experiences of comedian Richard Gadd, who suffered harassment from a woman for over a decade, in addition to sexual assault. In the seven-part miniseries, the real behind-the-scenes story becomes a brutal script that explores mental health, violence and fear. All in the middle of episodes showing the main character’s struggles. for staying mentally afloat in the midst of an increasingly desperate and violent situation.

But Netflix’s production is more than a well-written argument about a few of the most pervasive vices of our time. Moreover, this is a large-scale fictional experiment. Scottish-born comedian Richard Gadd writes, stars and produces in a very direct and incisive take on his own story. The truth is that the main character is his alter ego through which he analyzes the two most traumatic moments of his life. It also happens through compassion, an empathetic view of suffering, and strong messages about maintaining mental health. Something that makes the production an odd piece of work in the modern world of entertainment.

We leave you with three good reasons to watch one of Netflix’s most popular series at the moment and everything that comes with its touching plot. From reflections on today’s boundaries of privacy to the path to forgiveness, spiritual peace and generosity through humor. This is a reworking of a plot that has everything to become a classic in the future. At the same time, this is one of those rare opportunities where the victim can close a phase of his life through a work of art. The most interesting message My stuffed reindeer leaves behind himself.

A hard true story told in detail

Richard Gadd decided to talk about his painful journey through scenes of harassment and scenes of sexual violence in the miniseries. Which also allowed him dive into some of the most troubling issues she’s had to face as a survivor.

Namely: to forgive your offender, considering her a woman suffering from an undiagnosed mental disorder. The other extreme is to report your abuser, British entertainment industry figure who attacked him after forcing him to take drugs.

One of the most interesting aspects My stuffed reindeer, the way Gadd, who plays himself in the plot, is an exercise in pain recognition that he performs. His character detailing the terrible situations he had to go through also shows how he was able to recover from all of them in the end. Which gives the series a very specific confessional character, close to reality and, finally,a sense of realistic appeal to modern forms of violence.

A series that challenges prejudice

My stuffed reindeer tells Gadd’s story in detail. It also shows how he almost accidentally met his stalker in the bar where he worked. Martha (Jessica Gunning in fiction) is going through a very difficult personal situation when she meets Gadd’s character and becomes obsessed with him. So much so that you become a terrifying figure that the protagonist has to fight and run from most of the time.

The above happened in the life of a comedian. Just like his alter ego in fiction, while working at a bar, he met a woman going through a personal crisis and tried to console her. The next thing that happened was that it started haunting him both in his daily life and in the online world.

In less than two years, he sent her nearly 100 pages of letters, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages and 41,071 emails. And all this against the backdrop of insistent statements that he was “the love of his life” and that he could not accept it. Added to all of the above are 350 hours of voicemails and four complaints of harassment. including chasing Gadd down the street and staying near his house.

Recreating a Desperate Situation

But although the miniseries tells what happened step by step, it refuses to consider the stalker a criminal. Much like Gadd’s real-life situation, which kept the woman in question out of jail, the production makes it clear that this is a mental disorder that needs to be treated. So much so that the argument indicates that the accused needs help.

What is he doing My stuffed reindeer, in a respectful environment, to delve deeper into the mental stability of our culture and the prejudices that surround it. But in particular, those who suffer from it have few options. mental disorders. A statement that the series explores with respect and candor.

A taboo subject addressed in “My Stuffed Reindeer”

The series also deals with a topic that is very rarely seen in TV series or films. This is sexual violence that men experience. As in his fictional life, Gadd was brutally attacked by an entertainment executive. He supplied him with drugs so he could attack him and later pressured him not to file a complaint. Why did the comedian end up in in a volatile, brutal and increasingly humiliating situation.

My stuffed reindeer describes the situation without skimping on details, which is rare in such discussions. But this decision allows Gadd to do more than show that male rape is unfortunately common. And also how he managed to find help, support and, in the end, recover – halfway – from the injury. A journey that culminated in a series in which P.You can show your expertise without embarrassment or fear of retribution.

A complex series that is unlike anything else

In addition to the most controversial topics, My stuffed reindeer It also delves into the subtext of complex topics. In particular, much more subtle than the central ones, such as consent, fear of loneliness and the search for identity in spoiled territory. Gradually Gadd manages to show that the desire for recognition instant fame and the need for success becomes a confusing scenario.

The series demonstrated two things in its latest episode. At the very least, art can be a means of redemption, just as it does for the character and real person it is based on. On the other hand, recovery from critical situations involves forgiving yourself and others, which is a spiritual exercise of great importance. The most complex subject the production tackles, which makes it one of the best of the year.

Source: Hiper Textual

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