Like the twelfth season of the famous anthology, American Horror Story: Delicate He has a strange mission. It beats, or at least equals, the best offerings from a series known for being bold, casual, and doing a good job of defining modern horror. Not only does he achieve this, but he also moves production to new territories, which provide a much-needed breath of fresh air. Based on the book Delicate condition Danielle Rollins, the story follows Anna (Emma Roberts), an actress who wants to become a mother. Thus, you will resort to all types of assisted infertility procedures, but to no avail.

But what begins as a painful circumstance testing the character’s mental and physical health ends up becoming an unexpected horror story. That is, when Anna becomes convinced that her inability to become pregnant is due not to a physical circumstance, but to the intervention of a supernatural force.

Like the story it’s based on, this season delves into the horrors that may be lurking in the medical world. In doing so, turning pregnancy into an uncomfortable subtext about reproductive rights and control over women’s bodies.

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Thus, the series brings back the essentials of several of its best seasons. Besides, it does something else. Include three best chapters from recent issues. We’ll tell you what they are and why they’re essential to understanding evolution. American Horror Story. The best thing is that this strange new story of the series leaves behind, with all its chapters finally released.

Chapter 1. Multiply your pain

Until now, American Horror Story She told stories about fetishistic ghosts, witches, the Antichrist, serial killers and murderous husbands. But gentle He goes a completely different way. It also required the script to be less pretentious, exaggerated, and violent than usual. The result is an intense story, full of meticulous graphics, dedicated to claustrophobic spaces.

American Horror Story

And it’s the first episode of the season that best explores this version of fear, tackling body horror from a new perspective for the anthology. Directed by Jessica Yu and written by Hallie Feiffer, the duo behind the season’s credits, the episode sees its main character go through a variety of pains. But more than that, it makes it clear that this season we will move away from absurd themes and concessions. towards extravagant spectacle, in favor of a story focused on one point.

Namely: what would happen if the birth of a child became a gateway to the supernatural? It’s not an original premise, but it’s how the chapter delves into fears about female success through an idea that, in the first chapter, finds a great introduction to what the rest of the episodes will be. Moreover, when it is announced that in this paranormal story In the middle of everything that happens there are deities and a sect.

Chapter 7 – Hestia Bird

If the first chapter American Horror Story: Delicate It’s a little horror gem thanks to a script and performances interested in creating atmosphere, 7 being the other extreme. Over the top, terrifying and now, with all sorts of references to the mythology of supernatural power surrounding Anna, He goes through scenarios unprecedented for the anthology.

American Horror Story

At the same time, the series is shown to approach fear from a different angle. What started out as an obvious story about paranoia during pregnancy turned into something more ruthless, harsh and terrifying. Moving away from the bloodshed and gratuitous scares, the episode focuses on the story of Ivy (Annabelle Dexter-Jones), Sonya and Adeline (Cara Delevingne in a dual role). A grim context dating back to 42 AD. The historical details surprise and amaze. AHS takes the best from the parallel history of the cult and their bond with the goddess Hesta to reveal the darkest aspects of their seasonal conflict.

Chapter 3 – When the branch breaks

American Horror Story

In this episode, the ambiguity regarding Anna’s mental health becomes most apparent. Thus, the script makes brilliant decisions to confuse the viewer. Is everything the main character experiences a hallucination? The answer comes after some time. But the subjective camera haunts Roberts’ character as she tries to convince herself that she is, in fact, imagining her greatest fear. This is true: she actually cannot conceive a child due to the intervention of higher powers.

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This idea becomes increasingly true—uncomfortable and ominous—as the series progresses. But the third chapter analyzes women’s horrors with an impeccable eye. Especially during pregnancy.

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