If the streaming world can boast of anything, it is the ability to contain all types of quality content in one catalogue. From movies to TV series, big platforms have become the ideal destination for lovers of great stories in the serial format. At the same time, those who love movies now have the opportunity to get the latest titles at the click of a button. This combination transforms the various services into a pure entertainment space, ideal for both adults and children.

And this is Star+, one of the most famous for providing extraordinary user experiences. Including films of significant quality such as Creator And Poor creatures, even his own collection of TV series. The latest includes horror classics like all seasons American Horror Story before receiving many awards Bearinstantly becoming a cult classic. The truth is that the platform demonstrates the diversity of what online services can offer, and at the same time all its advantages for the user.

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To prove it, we leave you with five unmissable series that you can watch right now on Star+. From one of the most successful stories of recent years to disturbing reflections on faith, fanaticism and fear. The collection offers you all the possibilities of the catalog, which is now at your disposal.

Abbott Elementary School

Just three seasons and 44 episodes were enough for Quinta Brunson’s series to become a favorite of viewers. And also to demonstrate that the topic of what is happening in American schools and educational institutions will always be an entertaining topic. But, in particular, Abbott Elementary School This is a story that pays tribute to the emotions of learning, which provides a second emotional and touching background. This is in addition to the laughter it offers.

The Abbott School’s faculty team’s efforts to provide the best opportunities for their students begin as an exciting journey. Especially when a complicit and subjective camera follows them from one place to another, in the craziest and most hilarious situations. But there is an essential point underlying this optimistic and almost naive argument. The idea that education and efforts to achieve it can change lives.

A premise that the production thoroughly explores and one of the best scripts in recent years. Which earned critical acclaim in the form of a collection of awards, as well as the unconditional love of the public.

Dropouts: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes

In 2014, technology and medical entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes became the face of the magazine’s cover. Forbes. Not just to become the most famous person in Silicon Valley almost year after year.

And also because his company, Theranos, announced a breakthrough of enormous importance that could change the world of biogenics and the pharmaceutical sector. This is because Holmes proposed what seemed impossible: a complete diagnosis, achieved through a single drop of blood.

It turned out that the elaborate PR campaign that landed the businesswoman on the cover of the magazine was a scam. And one of gigantic proportions, which led to monumental thefts. Moreover, in medical fraud, which led to the arrests and even suicide of one of his employees. Dropouts: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes, is about all of the above, starring the wonderful Amanda Seyfried as a controversial figure. Likewise, with careful consideration of the boundaries of ethics and power. The most inconvenient message of the production.

The best things

The five-season series follows the rebellious and rebellious Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon) as she tries to cope with everyday life. And this despite the fact that she is a single mother, an aspiring actress and a caregiver for her elderly mother. This doesn’t seem like a particularly easy scenario for a woman in her forties. But Sam is ready to overcome all obstacles to find her place in the world.

The idea may seem corny – it’s a little corny – but it actually becomes more interesting as the script combines humor and sensitivity. Even in chapters where the hardworking protagonist has to deal with the overwhelming demands of being the visible head of a dysfunctional family. That although she tries her best to become recognizable (spoiler alert, she’s unlikely to succeed) But start to understand that success can be more than just money and recognition.

In his final season – his most difficult – Sam will have to confront death and a sense of duty. And he will do it with will, charisma and joy.The great lesson that this simple and at the same time deeply touching production leaves behind.

Pam and Tommy

In the 1990s, Pamela Anderson was the most desirable, popular and successful woman in show business. Tommy Lee was a member of the glam metal band Mötley Crüe, known for living a life of exaggeration and excess. Of course, the girl’s appearance on all covers, including Playboy — and the shape of the iconic letter Gbailiffs and the scandalous rebel met. Yes Sparks flew and the next thing that happened was an instant marriage and life in front of the paparazzi cameras that followed them everywhere.

However, the couple is also remembered for a darker and more unpleasant scandal. When they got married and in the midst of the media frenzy around them, a friend of both of them sold an intimate video of the couple to a website. The rest is history. Pam and Tommy had to fight for the right to their image. while the entire pornographic industry profited from reproductions of this material.

The series tells the story of the scandal surrounding such an event. And especially what happened changed the boundaries of privacy in the early days of the Internet. The plot, starring Lily James as Pamela and Sebastian Stan as Tommy, also offers a jarring exploration of the meaning of modern fame. This has made it one of the must-watch series in Star+’s catalogue.

By command of heaven

Religion will always be a complex area and By command of heaven,He demonstrates this in an argument that examines the excesses of the Mormon church. Andrew Garfield plays a detective trying to uncover those responsible for the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her young daughter in the Salt Lake Valley. But what starts out as a procedural turns into something stranger and darker. as the plot reveals what lies behind a violent crime of this nature.

subscribe to Star+ and you will have access to the best TV series and exclusive films How Stranger, Simpson , X-MenAnd the walking Dead . Includes Star originalsAnd all sports from espnlike La Liga, Champions League and Formula 1.

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Voted one of the best TV series of 2022, this series is a must-watch for fans of police investigations. But above all for those who wish to analyzethe importance of faith and the dangers of fanaticism in a carefully narrated scenario.

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