Second trailer Deadpool and Wolverine It attracted everyone’s attention earlier this week. Fans couldn’t stop analyzing every frame for Easter eggs and references to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the saga. X-Men from 20th Century Fox However, one of the most striking moments was the coincidence between the release of this trailer and the celebration of several important events. Madonna.

New video about Deadpool and Wolverine uses Like a prayer, one of Madonna’s greatest hits, which became the soundtrack for her fight scenes. Nothing too revealing yet, right? It is curious that the premiere of the trailer for the new film from Marvel Studios occurred just in time for the 35th anniversary of one of the most high-profile series of the American singer.

April 22, but since 1989 album Like a prayer began the journey of six consecutive weeks at the top of the rankings Billboard 200. Thus, Madonna became the first artist to take first place on this list with three albums in a row since the Rolling Stones. Previously he achieved this with Like a virgin (1984) and true Blue (1986). But that was not all, because on the same day the song of the same name reached the top of the charts. Billboard Hot 100 and remained in this place for three weeks.

In the entertainment industry, it seems like nothing is left to chance. Many people will think that using Like a prayer in the second trailer Deadpool and Wolverine and its release on this day could be a tribute to Madonna. However, Ryan Reynolds confirmed that it was just a coincidence.

“I swear to Jesus Marvel, we didn’t plan this!” – said the actor! on X (Twitter)by sharing a post celebrating the 35th anniversary of Madonna’s fourth album.

Deadpool and Wolverine and their “non-homage” to Madonna

YouTube video

Then it is clear that the inclusion Like a prayer in the trailer Deadpool and Wolverine was happy coincidence. After all, the previous Merc with a Mouth films also contained plenty of references to pop culture and ’80s music. The most notable cases were cases Careless Whisperfrom Wham! and from In your eyesPeter Gabriel.

Second promotion Deadpool and Wolverine Not only did he leave us with some downright brutal fight scenes. He also revealed some details about the version of Wolverine that will appear on the scene, as well as the injuries he will have to deal with. In addition, he introduced for the first time Cassandra Nova, the villain of the story. And as if that weren’t enough, it allowed us to see the return of other antagonists from the film saga X-Men. Among them is Azazel (X-Men: First Class) and Lady Deathstrike (X-Men 2).

Among the references to FMC, two attracted particular attention. Firstly, the presence of the giant Ant-Man’s corpse, which is used as Cassandra Nova’s lair. Second, the appearance of a portal like those created by Doctor Strange and other sorcerers.

Deadpool and Wolverine next to arrive in cinemas in Latin America and Spain. July 25.

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