He reboot from the American version Office This will be confirmed and is already in pre-production. After the series ended in May 2013, the series received a second life thanks to Netflix, where it became one of the most popular projects on the platform.

This naturally sparked interest in reviving the series and capitalizing on the momentum it had gained more than a decade after its end. Originally broadcast on NBKit is possible that the series will return in PeacockNorth American network streaming platform, with Universal television responsible for production.

And although there are few details about him. reboot from Office There is news that undoubtedly confirms that work is underway to start production. One piece of good news is that Greg Daniels, the original creator of the series, is behind the project. Next to him will be Michael Coman, according to a report published by the publication deadline the last one is March 20.

There have already been rumors of a return in 2021 Office. Greg Daniels left the possibility of his return open. But both Bonnie Hammer, one of NBCUniversal’s most important executives, and Susan Rovner, NBCUniversal’s chief content officer, have expressed interest in bringing the series back. Then, in September 2023, new reports emerged that Greg Daniels was already working on the project. reboot.

Welcome back to some of the most popular series on television of the last 25 years, including Fraser, Sex and the City or It’s That ’70s Showthe same thing will inevitably happen with such a popular production as Office.

KingbThe Office will take place in the same universe as the original series.

More good news about potential reboot from Office is that it will be set in the universe where the original series took place. One possibility, as Greg Daniels explained, is that it focuses on a different documentary team following a different group of people in Scranton.

Another possibility that Greg Daniels mentioned in the interview AND! News, is that he would like to make new episodes during the time period in which the original series took place. Sort of like “lost episodes” that the team who made the original “documentary” never showed.

Problem solving problem reboot Many of the original characters probably won’t be returning because they’ve had film careers and retired from television. Above all Steve Carell. And although John Krasinski He returned to the series when he played Jack Ryan, his focus mainly on film. Mindy Kalingwho worked as a writer and actress on the series, also had an important career in Hollywood, and it will likely be difficult for her to return.

However, it is expected that some of the original characters Office come back for this reboot. Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly, sometimes said that she had not received the message about returning to the series. This makes sense considering that in the original ending, Pam and Jim move to Texas.

Two new actors confirmed

But, although it is unclear which characters from the original series Office will return, two actors have been cast reboot. Hollywood Reporter guarantees that Sabrina Impacciatorewho became popular thanks to his performance in the second season of the series White Lotus And Domhnall Gleeson (About the time, star Wars, Former car, Harry Potter) are the first additions to the new cast of the series.

Gleason recently worked with Steve Carell in Patienta ten-episode miniseries that premiered in August 2022. The actor played Sam Fortner, a serial killer and patient of Alan Strauss, a therapist played by Carell.

There were no details about what characters they would play, it was simply explained that both actors would be part of a larger cast that would be revealed as more details about the series were determined. Tamopco has a release date, but given that the project is in pre-production, it would be at least two years away if approved.

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