In a rare interview with the magazine Vanity Fair in 1999, Billy Wilder insisted that cinematic novels can survive anything. Director known for his classics Sabrina (1954) and Apartment (1960), he was convinced that love was not just a universal theme. Additionally, the film world could use this quality to describe all kinds of human experiences. The result is stories that not only tell love stories, but at the same time are able to: delve into the complex elements of human nature.

Of course, Wilder knew what he was talking about. As one of the seminal directors who understood Hollywood as we know it today, he is also an indispensable figure in the romantic comedy. Much more, providing the genre with a premise and depth that set standards in the North American industry. An element that is still an important part of understanding love on the big screen. And especially, it confirms the idea that romancesnecessary for studying cinema in Mecca.

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Over the past twenty years, this idea has been put to the test by the public’s notorious lack of interest in great love stories in film. But finally break seems to have passed and romantic comedies are returning to their sweet spot. We leave you with five who have managed to revive the genre and make it a crowd favorite. From a classic love story turned pop hit to the queen of romance at its finest. All to enjoy the funniest and most touching moment of the most beloved love stories of recent times.

Anyone but you

Anyone but you

From an adaptation of one of William Shakespeare’s most beloved works to a TikTok phenomenon. Will Gluck’s film became a massive sensation and gave beloved films a second wind. RomCom. But especially to demonstrate that traditional formulas are still as effective as ever.

Actually, Anyone but you This is romance in the style of classic Hollywood. Bea (Sydney Sweeney) is a girl going through a chaotic period in her life when she meets Ben (Glen Powell). Both will live a night of deep spiritual intimacy, which will end in misunderstanding and bitter separation.

Only to trip over each other again in a series of near misses, including a wedding, hurt ex-lovers and even a poisonous spider. The film becomes increasingly charming as it celebrates classic tropes of the genre and gives them a modern twist. Including the most memorable final games of recent years.

The idea of ​​having you

Book The idea of ​​having you Robin Lee made readers around the world cry in 2017 with the story of a mature woman who falls in love with a twenty-four-year-old pop singer. Now his film adaptation is just as sensitive and with the same delicacy touches on controversial topics, ranging from age prejudices to women’s happiness.

Michael Showalter’s film tells essentially the same story as the novel on which it is based. Solen (Anne Hathaway) is a single mother in her forties who eventually falls in love with singer Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine). The relationship between them, which begins between the secret and the secret, will ultimately become a scandal amid the prejudices of others.

However, both will learn to withstand the weight of the world’s gaze and tell their own love story. The ending, different from the novel, is timidly hopeful. Which makes it a bittersweet rarity in the romance genre.

Marry me

Also concerns the issue of age, relationships in the eyes of the press and celebrities, Marry me This is a little rarity. Cat Coiro’s film, which practically stars Jennifer Lopez as herself, is more complex than it seems. Kat Valdez (Lopez) has everything you could want including a dream romance that will be the highlight of a televised wedding.

On the other hand, Charlie (Owen Wilson) is a middle-aged single father who has dedicated his life to teaching mathematics. A romance between them couldn’t be more unthinkable until it happens. Midway through what was supposed to be her dream wedding, a frustrated Kat makes a desperate decision. That is, marrying an unsuspecting Charlie in the midst of social media’s obsession with what’s happening on stage.

Crazy, with a distinctly 1990s feel – golden for the genre – the film manages to balance its premise with charm and chemistry between the characters. With a cliffhanger ending and especially charming credits, the film makes a few things clear. Dreaming costs nothing even for Jennifer Lopez.

Ticket to heaven

Georgia (Julia Roberts) and David (George Clooney) got married during a turbulent period in their lives, and now they have only one thing in common: their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever). And for her sake, they will go to Bali to attend a hasty wedding dedicated to the love story of a young woman with a local boy.

What appears to be a love story within another becomes increasingly strange when the angry parents try to stop the ceremony. And although Georgia is trying to understand her feelings for David and especially what happens in her life after her fiancé Paul (Lucas Bravo) asks her to marry him.

Of course, there are no surprises in this. RomCom The old way. But even in a predictable ending, we all know how it ends. What“There’s so much good chemistry and camaraderie between us.” Roberts and Clooney are worth watching.

Lost City

And the list of romantic comedies could not help but include the modern queen of the genre. Sandra Bullock returned to great love stories in 2022 and is partly responsible for their revival. In particular, filling with enthusiasm a character who is in other hands It would be boring and bland.

Loretta (Bullock) is a widowed writer who feels like her life is falling apart. And things get even worse when Abigail (Daniel Radcliffe) tries to kidnap her to force her to participate in a controversial mission. As if that were enough, Dash (Channing Tatum), the cover model for Loretta’s books, makes it his personal mission to save her from danger.

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With a walk through the jungle in a party dress, Brad Pitt in a hilarious cameo and all the magic of old rom-coms, Lost CityIt’s laughing and crying at the same time. And also remember the reason why the romantic genre is everyone’s favorite.Its highest point.

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