Bridgertons premiered the first four episodes of season three and immediately demonstrated why it’s one of the most popular series on Netflix. Shonda Rhimes’ adaptation of the Julia Quinn saga is more than just a drama that manages to combine historical storytelling with contemporary social commentary. It is also an ambitious novel that surprises with its ability to explore the psychology of its characters with intelligence and detail. The latter was showcased in the new chapters released.

As you may recall, the third season of the series breaks the chronology of the literary history from which it is taken and jumps straight into the fourth book rather than the third. Thus, the plot of I Give You My Heart (2001) is abandoned for now in favor of The Seduction of Mr. Bridgerton (2002). So, The Bridgertons, in this case, explores the complicated history between Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). A tragic romance that will unite childhood friends – on the other hand, already known to the public – in a strange relationship that ultimately becomes the central theme of the season.

Moreover, when the previous part ended with Colin insulting Penelope in a very offensive way. This led to one of the most difficult moments in history and the twist that begins the next one. Namely: Nicola Coughlan’s heroine is looking for a husband – she is already at that age when this is an urgent need – and Colin has just returned from a long trip. Together they bump into each other in the busy social life of London.

What surrounds a romance that didn’t start well?

As the new season of Bridgerton begins, Penelope undergoes some significant changes. In fact, these are the strongest points of the first four episodes. As her alter ego, Lady Whistledown, becomes more relevant at court, it becomes apparent that Penelope is at risk of being discovered by Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel). Which could bring him social disgrace and find himself in the eye of a storm due to his harsh comments and opinions about the royal family. As if that weren’t enough, the wily, mysterious correspondent enrages Colin, who promises to expose her.

On the other hand, Penelope knows it’s time for her to get married, so she devotes time and effort early in the season to showing how she deals with the matter. From a new wardrobe to deciding to forget Colin. The truth is that the main character of the season has become much stronger and more complex than he was before. But Bridgerton in particular now pays more direct homage to the book saga from which it comes. Therefore, Penelope also wants to explore her talent as a writer, in addition to her gossip column.

The latter will lead to him attracting the attention of Lord Debling (Sam Phillips), who appreciates his intelligence and would make an ideal husband. And this despite the fact that Penelope is not particularly attracted to him. But true to her view of the world after her disappointment with Colin, the season’s protagonist will decide that she prefers a safe place for love. At least until the courtship and all the pressure from the court to get him married becomes a concern. This is despite the fact that Colin seems to be more present in her life than ever, and what she feels for him is becoming increasingly important.

How does the fourth episode of the third season of Bridgerton end?

So Debling asks Portia Featherington (Polly Walker) for Penelope’s hand in marriage. This speeds up the plot so much that the young woman is forced to make a decision. Which puts him between two waters. On the one hand, to deepen her feelings for Colin, although at first glance they are not mutual. On the other hand, continue with your life plan based on a practical point of view.

Things speed up in the fourth episode entitled old friends, in which Penelope questions whether she wants a loveless marriage. This leads her to a tense conversation with Debling. This makes it clear that, from their point of view, a future between them is just an act of convenience. That’s when Colin comes into the picture, and the love he professes for the red-haired heroine becomes more than obvious.Something that convinces Debling to take a step back from the marriage proposal.

Circumstances will lead to a mutual confession of Colin and Penelope’s feelings, as well as the first intimate moment between them. Which makes it clear that the relationship and love that unites the heroes has just begun and will only grow stronger. However, this also indicates that her alter ego, Lady Whistledown, will become a major stumbling block between them. This opens up an arc of possible conflict in the final chapters of the season.

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