Until now, weird things It was almost an anthology series, with seasons usually ending in a closed fashion. And although themes and plots are preserved from one part to another, almost always the season finale shows the end of the central conflict. That was until the intriguing fourth season, the most mature and darkest in the history of the series. Also the one that closes the stage of the show and directs it towards its inevitable end point.

But besides being a milestone in the universe weird things, fourth season bears a painful caveat. Although there is no confirmation or any real indication, everything seems to be leading to the death of one of the characters. The Duffers have hinted in recent months that this is likely to happen. And that, moreover, he could be one of the central characters of the program. Which, of course, leaves a wide – and frustrating – range of possibilities.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s the darkest, most mature and violent season of all. For it is evident that the loss of innocence—the subject of the conspiracy for his return—is likely to be aggravated by death. Not a supposed or unexpected narrative arc, as happened with Hopper. Everything seems to indicate that this will be the final, painful event that will change the world. weird things from Netflix forever.

And who can die in the midst of a seemingly full-blown confrontation with the supernatural? There are several likely candidates, especially when everything points to the fact that the town of Hawkins, too, will become the scene of devastation. Will there be an irreparable loss in Stranger Things? We leave you a list of probabilities.

very high

Steve Harington

The character, played by Joe Keery, has had a flawless and deep redemption arc throughout the show’s four seasons. weird things. From being a bad guy, a bully, and generally an obnoxious guy, he became the emotional backbone of the Hawkins gang. To this should be added their solidarity, kindness and willingness to help anyone in the midst of extravagant city events.

And maybe that’s why character most likely to die in the last two episodes of the season. After all, he has the perfect combination of charisma, earthiness, and a curious lack of connections that would make his loss painful. But at the same time, it doesn’t really matter to the plot. In fact, the script is carefully crafted to ensure that Steve is nothing more than the favorite friend of the main characters. Could he be the perfect victim in a tricky argument?

Nancy Wheeler

Another one of the characters with notable plot growth that also seems to have reached its highest point. Nancy left behind her role as a damsel in disgrace andand became the intellectual driving force behind the series. And by the end of the first volume of the fourth season weird things he faced the possibility of dying before Vecna. In particular, his terrifying ability to revive the most terrible memories and turn them into deadly weapons.

Can Nancy die? In fact, it would be a coup that would immediately highlight the tragic Steve with whom he has a confusing relationship. As if that wasn’t enough this will be a painful blow to the Hawkins gang., but without having to sacrifice any of its main characters. Will the Duffers dare to do this?

Joyce Byers

Kill Hawkins’ most devoted mother? It may seem like nonsense, but it will completely affect the structure weird things. This, in fact, is what the Duffers are looking for in the penultimate season of the story. If Joyce dies, Hopper will likely face his own personal grief to take care of Eleven, Will, and Jonathan. Which would give him a new life purpose and perhaps a rethinking of his priorities.

Too tragic? it’s probably. But given that the Duffers have announced that the fifth season will take a step into the future, that could be saying something specific. The Hawkins Gang will no longer need a devoted mother.

not very tall

Jim Hopper

After his apparent death and mourning on and off screen, the chances of Hopper falling victim to the script are average. Of course, it could have happened that he would have acted in a heroic act that would have led to a tragic, but dramatic death for the plot.

But the big inevitable question if it makes sense for the character to die a second time. Wouldn’t this be some unintentional parody of one of the most criticized images of resurrection on the big and small screens? Of course, it is necessary to analyze how it will be told and whether his death will contribute to the already announced season five time jump. Can Hopper be an everlasting and inspiring memory for the future?

Jonathan Byers

The older Byers had a rather lackluster turn in the first volume of the fourth season. weird things. How to go unnoticed. In fact, the highlight of his appearance is his sudden interest in hallucinogenic substances and his friendship with Argyle, one of the script’s debutants. so what is it his death not only will not affect, but will not affect the plot.

Probably yes, the writers of the series decided to give more weight to the character in the last two chapters. Could it put you at risk of death? The probability is significant, although not definitive. And much less important, no matter how cruel the latter may sound.

Robin Buckley

Brilliant and charismatic, Robin has become one of the series’ most beloved characters. And that’s what puts her in danger.. Especially since he is part of a group that will either have to deal with Vecna’s wrath or Hawkins’ righteous mob. However, it is unlikely that the character will die. The writers gave him an unfinished romantic arc – which will likely clear up in the last two chapters – and he’s the driving force behind the group.

The latter reinforces theories that he may have died to symbolically take Nancy’s place. After all, both spent most of the fourth season investigating and sharing results. Shall we say goodbye to Nancy for Robin?


The whole Hawkins gang

Netflix - Stranger Things

It is almost impossible that the writers would seriously sacrifice one of the central characters of the story with the fifth season. During the first volume, there was a clear shock at the danger that Max was in. But in the end, the risk led to the resolution of part of the season’s mystery.

And although Dustin and Lucas may be chased by a hysterical crowd, they will most likely save your life. The same Mike and Will who have to decide what the tension between them is. As for Erica, she’s likely to remain the voice of sanity in the midst of Hawkins’ craziest situations.

lift up

Stranger Things 4

He has regained his powers and is about to meet with Vecna, the great heroine of Hawkins’ telekinesis. he is also an important character. So much so that his survival is assured in view of the last and last season weird things.

Of course, he also needs to meet Hopper, sort out his school situation, and maybe start the journey back to normal now. And this includes a relationship with Mike and, of course, a short period of normal family life. Can he do it?


stranger things season 4 creel house clock netflix duffer brothers jamie campbell bower

It is very unlikely that the villain so lovingly written by the writers will die by the end of the fourth season of the series. weird things. No doubt he would be defeated by Eleven, or at the very least he would have a confrontation in which he had something to lose. But it is very likely that he will not die. However, in both cases, he will most likely be locked in the Upside Down.

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