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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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These are the requirements you must meet in order to drive a scooter or VMP.

These are the requirements you must meet in order to drive a scooter or VMP.


Nowadays, the exponential growth in the use of electric scooters in our cities is a reality that, unfortunately, leads to a higher accident rate.

Faced with this situation, and although always belatedly, the legislator initiated the regulation of this type of vehicle, the latest of which was the DGT Decree of January 12, 2022, which states Performance Guide with New Requirements for Personal Vehicle Owners (PVM).

Let’s see what are the requirements for both scooters to be legally used in Spain and their drivers.


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The above guide serves as an indispensable guide for getting to know in detail the technical requirements that personal vehicles must meet for their entry into circulation, their classification, the test processes for their certification and the mechanisms that will be used for their easy identification.

Recall the conditions that are established for its use from now on, some of which are already regulated:

  • The maximum permitted speed is 25 km/h.
  • It is necessary to submit a technical file showing that it complies with the standards, with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • A helmet is still required.
  • Driving on sidewalks, pedestrian areas, intersections, intercity roads, motorways and expressways, or urban tunnels is prohibited.

The main novelty, judging by what he tells us Fernando Millan Soleralawyer from Traficoayuda, in that From January 22, 2024, all VMPs placed on the market must have a circulation certificate..

Compulsory certificate for scooters: we already have a date

But, what is a circulation certificate? A document that defines the technical characteristics that a VMP must meet for driving on public roads in order to be certified and regulated by the competent authorities.

Except, they will need to have a prominently displayed plate that will indicate: maximum speed, manufacturer, serial number, year of manufacture or commercial name..

However, the certificate that must be attached to the sale will not be mandatory until January 24, 2024. and vehicles purchased before that date will be able to circulate until January 24, 2027.

Where can you find it? If you have just purchased a new scooter, the manufacturer is responsible for selling it. If, on the other hand, you already own a scooter, you must personally request the specified certificate from the manufacturer, reflecting the characteristics required by the regulations for driving on public roads.

If these types of characteristics are already regulated, is it possible that VMP will become mandatory in the future?

Currently no such liability, as they are not considered motor vehicles, except for rental companies. But it must be taken into account that when the VMP is not insured and causes damage to a third party, as a result of which the driver is liable, future compensation should be covered from the personal assets of the driver or owner.

While this is currently the case, the need for compulsory insurance is getting closer. We are faced with a situation of lawlessness, that is, a lack of regulation, which is only approximately and in many cases similar to the use of bicycles.

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The reality is that in practice insurance is becoming more and more necessary as it can be very beneficial for both VMP users and victims of said accidents.

Therefore, the current regulation, which does not require civil liability insurance, only harms, again, the victims of road traffic accidents, since the solvency of individuals is not at all a guarantee of compensation for damage to the victims.

This article was originally published on Autobild ES.

Source: Computer Hoy

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