The impatient have always been a difficult audience for the entertainment world. Moreover, the audience, which needs new content in an accessible form, is playing an increasingly important role in the show. From TV series with full seasons released on the same day, to major films appearing in different catalogs weeks apart in theaters. The truth is that immediacy—or a whole new generation’s need to enjoy content as quickly as possible— This is a new challenge facing pop culture.

Of course, platforms seem to be the answer to this problem. It’s much more when you manage to collect all kinds of options for the most demanding people in one place. But in recent years in particular, subscription services have become essential to fully explore all the new possibilities offered by film and television. With a varied offer that grows exponentially almost every day, catalogs are the answer to new needs. to see as much content as possible in the shortest possible time.

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To demonstrate this, we leave you with five recommendations that you can watch in one sitting on Star+. From a series that tells the story of the most terrible murders committed in an unexpected place, to a new South Korean hit that surprises with its ability to keep you in suspense. The selection includes everything you can find in the collections of the platform and with which you can have a pleasant time in no time.

Mountain Crimes

These are three seasons of 3 seasons and 12 episodes. true crime Unusual explores crimes committed in America’s great national parks. But beyond that, in what the great places of the country have become, on more than one occasion it has been the ideal setting for violent situations.

From inaccessible peaks to the most dangerous rocky abysses. The truth is Crime in the mountainsshows the aspect of cruelty and a cruelty that is horrifying because of its frontal point of view.

The various batches cover cases from Yosemite to the Rocky Mountains. But in particular, they focus on how various agents and officials must overcome the constraints of climate or topology to carry out their investigation. So, all violent circumstances must be assessed in terms of their rarity. The point where production deepens with skill and intelligence. Ideal for fans of this style of production and with short chapters under an hour in length.


Are you interested in the artistic movement and everything that happens in the halls of museums? art for you. In a season of six episodes, each 30 minutes long, you will be captivated by the story of Antonio Dumas (Oscar Martinez). Much more, because the production is a tour of what happens in the highest elites. the world of art and what its complex decorations hide.

But beyond that, it is also a comedy of very dark humor, especially what happens in the great institutions that house the world’s artistic treasures. It was all told by Antonio, an art historian and cultural curator who is grumpy, arrogant and mostly annoying. This will make his job as director of an important museum in Madrid more chaotic than anyone can imagine.

While the new director of the museum is trying to understand what difficulties he will have to face, the institution is experiencing a variety of problems. From trade unions, pressure from above to the erratic behavior of artists. Nothing is missed in this brutal portrait of a complex world.

No blood

A recent South Korean drama couldn’t be missing from this list. Especially one that explores the strange corporate world in which a lab-grown meat company faces all sorts of bioethical dilemmas. In addition, there is a war between their great secrets, strictly kept in luxurious offices. and the tragic romance—inevitable—that develops in the midst of such a scenario.

No blood He maintains the melodramatic tradition of the genre to which he belongs, but also has the common sense to tell his story skillfully enough to make it unpredictable. In particular, when the questions that need to be asked about how far collective well-being is acceptable to go, the group’s experiments are more than just twists on the script.

The production devotes time, energy and interest to the story of how what begins as a simple plot – a new job for a bodyguard – becomes a complex and interesting panorama. The credit goes to the fact that it manages to boil it down to 10 short episodes of one season.

Impossible Heir

If you like family quarrels, conspiracies among legacy companies and many other situations Continuity, Impossible Heir for you. All things considered, it’s an intriguing look at what can happen when a man who wants to win a corporate war must choose between his heart and his head.

Of course, this South Korean melodrama is more interested in feelings than negotiations behind closed doors. But even so, he tries to make it clear that power can be a complex addiction that is difficult to overcome.

Gradually this curious look at the family Chaebolbecomes more complex, strange and violent as the series focuses on what happens outside the big offices. But at the same time, when I integrate this harsh vision, the evolution of a whole new generation heirs in search of their place in the complex financial world.

Deadly business

The eight-episode season of Deadly Business is a story of revenge. But also in the sense that pain, violence and fear can create a scenario for the worst and most radical decisions. When Jung Jin Man (Lee Dong Wook) loses his entire family and You must find a way to move on with your life, and getting justice will be one of the elements that will help you move forward.

subscribe to Star+ and you will have access to the best TV series and exclusive films How Stranger, Simpson, X-Men And the walking Dead. Includes local production Star originals Andall sports from espnlike La Liga, Champions League or NBA.

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And also the realization that this single action can give meaning to all your mental and emotional suffering. Halfway between a painful story about the darkness of a turbulent past and a search for hope, the series is perfect for those who want to enjoy a great story.Moreover, one that does not push the boundaries too much and closes most of the mysteries.

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