Sixth and final season Peaky Blinders left some questions unanswered. Especially what happens to the crime family after it survives a war between rivals and forces its patriarch Tommy to pay off his blood debts. But beyond each character’s specific storylines, there’s the fact that creator Steven Knight envisioned a story beyond the shocking final chapter. Actually, Even before the premiere of the final season, the screenwriter made it clear that the story would be continued in the cinema.

Something that was eventually confirmed this week when Netflix announced that, having completed the script, it had greenlit production on the film that would bring the story to a close. The good news is that Knight’s plans to delve into the World War II era will not only come to fruition. And they will have all the depth and interest that the writer intended for the series.

As we remember, even before the story was completed, Knight had already stated that he intended Peaky Blinders to be the story of a family between two wars. To wit, the first season takes place entirely during World War I and its devastating aftermath. Thus, the completion of the Shelby family’s story will conclude with a feature film showing them on the stage of the Second Theater. This would greatly expand the narrative. This also indicates that the upcoming film will share a significant portion of its cast with the series. Or that’s what the encouraging news about it should be.

Who will return to Peaky Blinders?

A few days ago, Oscar winner Cillian Murphy announced that he would return to the role of Tommy Shelby. But, in addition, he will also be the producer of the film. He also mentioned that he will be working with director Tom Harper and Steven Knight to bring their vision for the series to the big screen. This indicates that at least the talent behind the camera for television production will be returning to giving the film the same atmosphere of subtle darkness as the TV series version.

The good news is that Harper, who directed the iconic episodes of the first season in 2013, will direct the film from Knight’s completed script. Which provides most of the atmosphere and brilliant dialogue. who made history in the series, will return for a cinematic conclusion.

This is an ideal opportunity for a director to return to a field that not only interests him, but for which he has great ideas. “When I first made Peaky Blinders over 10 years ago, we didn’t know what the series would become. But it was clear that there was something explosive about the alchemy of the casting and the writing,” he explained Radio Times. Pika has always been a story about family, so it’s incredibly exciting to reconnect with that. Steve and Killian will bring the film to audiences around the world on Netflix.”

Familiar faces for an unforgettable story

At the moment, there is no confirmed news about the return of the main characters of the series in the film. However, in various statements, the majority recognized who will return for a new story set in the series’ universe.

From Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby), Sophie Rundle (Ada Thorne) to newcomer Conrad Khan (Erasmus, aka Duke). The film’s future location looks to be filled with more than just a quality cast.but at the same time also for those who glorified the original production.

Source: Hiper Textual

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