Attention: This article contains SPOILERS for the series. Novice.

It took a while but finally Novice has arrived on Disney+. New game series star Wars It takes us back to the time of the High Republic once and for all. The project was announced several months ago, and now fans can be transported back to that period of greatness of the Jedi Order, a century before The Phantom Menace and the birth of Anakin Skywalker. But despite the fact that this is a period of peace, the series focuses specifically on the rebirth of darkness in the galaxy. He does this through two twin sisters, Osha And Maywhich was the culmination of an investigation into the deaths of several Jedi.

In the first chapter Novice represents his entire world. This is an original story with completely new characters (except for the Teacher). Vernestra “Vern” Rvo). Very soon the true thread of the series is revealed. May She is a young Force-sensitive assassin who wants to end the lives of some Jedi. Your first goal is Teacher Indarawho does he play Carrie Anne-Moss. The episode’s action-packed opening sees the two engaged in a pitched battle until the evil protagonist completes his mission.

Already in the second chapter May attacks his next name on the list, Masters Torbin. This Jedi is in a state of constant meditation – the Vow of Barash. Living inside the Force, the main character Novice I can’t attack him. But he eventually discovers that he can tempt him onto the path of finding peace by causing him to commit suicide by poison. With this second death, May He had already destroyed two Jedi.

But the young woman still has two more. One of them, the next one he heads to is Kelnakka, Wookiee. And the last one is none other than the Master SunJedi performed Lee Jung-jae. May He wants revenge on them all. And his motives are omitted throughout the book’s two chapters. Novice repeatedly.

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Personal revenge

Throughout all episodes Novice There are two main reasons that lead to May along this path of death and murder. The first one seems very personal. And this is how he explains it Oshahis twin sister, Master Sun in the second chapter. “He wants to kill the four Jedi who were in Brandock 16 years ago. Indara, Torbin, Kelnakka and you,” he explains to his former teacher. Therefore, the reason seems to lie in something that happened on the planet of the twins.

This indicates something about the tragedy that shook the lives of the main characters Novice. In the first episode Sun he told his current Padawan: JackieStory Osha. “16 years ago I was on his home planet of Brandok. I was present when his sister started the fire that destroyed his entire family. Osha “She was the only survivor, so I took her as my Padawan,” she says. According to the Jedi, May She was responsible for this event and also appears to have died.


But if these four Jedi were on Brandok when the fire occurred, and May really blames them for what happened, there may be a part of the story that hasn’t been revealed yet. The killer seems quite clear that they are to blame for her fall from grace, and so she wants revenge. At the moment he is heading to Hofar, home Kelnakkathe Wookiee Jedi he dreams of killing.

Dark motive

But beyond this personal crusade against Indara, Torbin, Kelnakka And Sunmain character Novice He seems to have a second intention in these murders. This second motivation can be found in the training he receives from his mysterious teacher. May He follows the orders of a dark antagonist in a black suit and with a red lightsaber. Everything points to him being a Sith. The Jedi considered them extinct, but this one would take personal revenge May so that the Order does not investigate the murders and does not find him.

“The Jedi live in a dream and believe that we all share it. If you attack a Jedi with a weapon, you will fail. Neither steel nor lasers pose a danger to them. But a novice… A novice can destroy without weapons. A novice can destroy a dream,” he muses at the end of the first chapter. Novice. Thus, the Dark Lord tries to lead his apprentice along the path of the Sith.


In canon star Wars It has been established on multiple occasions that a Sith Master may send his apprentice to hunt down the Jedi to prove his worth. Even Darth Vader He had to do this to look decent in front of Palpatine. Now this villain Novice asked for this mission May so that he would complete his journey to the Dark Side and accept the Sith Order. By doing this, you will fully earn your title.

Moreover, as explained May To Kimir In the second episode, his teacher asked him to commit one of the four murders without using a weapon. He’s had two attempts so far, and in both he’s had to use either knives or poison. Therefore, if he wants to please the Sith even more, he will have to destroy an entire Wookiee or Sun (who, as you can see, is very good at hand-to-hand combat) without any external help. A mission that I will try to accomplish in the next chapters Novice.

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Episode three Novice The premiere will take place on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 12th in Spain, on the night of Tuesday the 11th in Latin America.

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