First two episodes Novice They are now available on Disney+ and, as expected, represent a completely new type of story in the world of Star Wars. Not only because the action takes place in the High Republic, which has not yet been part of live action from the saga. And also for showing a historical moment of significant interest: one that represented the greatest point of greatness of the Jedi Order. More powerful than ever, with enormous political influence and With the Coruscant Temple in full swing, the sensitives were an element that had to be taken into account.

But much more is the presence of significance in the galactic democratic system. In addition, the Order had a large group of members spanning all types of races. Becoming the center of Jedi power, Coruscant became home to the largest number of apprentices and masters in all of space. At the same time, this centralized the power of the lightsaber knights to a new level, which, Soon after, he became a weak point among the dark side’s attacks.

Novice He conveys this atmosphere through a series of new characters who surprise by representing the best moment of the Force-sensitive Order. From Masters of amazing abilities to talented Padawans who have undergone full training.

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The truth is that the production has the potential to tell a new aspect of George Lucas’ franchise. To demonstrate this, we leave you with the new Jedi, which is part of the first two chapters of the new Disney+ production. From the victim of a mysterious crime to a growing student. These are all the faces of the new generation of Jedi who,Without a doubt, they will join the complex world of the franchise in a place of honor.

New Jedi from Acolyte

Master Vernestra Rvo

(L-R): Vernestra Rvo (Rebecca Henderson) and Master Sol (Lee Jeong-jae) in Lucasfilm’s “The Acolyte,” exclusively on Disney+. ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. and TM. All rights reserved.

The character played by actress Rebecca Henderson is known to fans star Wars. First appeared in the Literary Canon in a series of books. Star Wars: The High Republicconsidered the highest point of the Order.

Possessing far greater abilities than the average Jedi, the ancients padawan Jedi Master Stellan Gios, is a symbol of transition in the series. That is: since the times of absolute purity in training and in observing the customs of the Jedi, to another, more complex and confusing.

Moreover, his presence seems to mark the end of an era of purity of ideals and foundations underlying the Order of the Force-Sensitive. IN Novice, you can see how she organizes everything related to the search for the mysterious murder that is the center of the plot. AND So far, he appears to be the link between the Jedi of the Coruscant Temple and the Order’s Central Council.

Teacher Indara


Played by Carrie-Anne Moss (from Matrix), is the first Jedi to appear in history Novice. He demonstrates complete mastery of the Force, as well as hand-to-hand combat, both with and without a lightsaber. And although Indara dies almost immediately – and becomes at the center of the plot that drives the series – the truth is that his skills demonstrate two things at once.

Firstly, he is a type of Force-sensitive trained for combat – the Jedi Guardian – but despite this, he also tries to avoid the use of violence. In addition, he has the ability to perceive energy disturbances. It is later revealed that she was the one who recommended that Osha Anisea (Amandla Stenberg) stop training. because of his turbulent past.

Osha Aniseya

Amanda Stenberg’s character Novice He’s not exactly a Jedi, but yes, he’s been trained accordingly. She was taken to the Coruscant Temple at the age of 8 after a tragedy left her orphaned. It was this difficult past and her high age at the time of her membership that led to Master Indara recommends stopping training.

Osha has a twin sister, whom she believed dead for most of her life. Only to discover that she is alive and being trained in the secrets of the Sith due to Indara’s death. A milestone in her life that will bring her back to the corridors. Jedi Temple on Coruscant and the most painful moments of his life.

Jord Fandar

With the face of actor Charlie Barnett, he is a very young Jedi Knight eager to showcase his skills and abilities in the universe Novice. Which leads him to actively participate in the arrest of Osha Anisei and in the subsequent investigation into Indara’s death.

However, at the same time, he proves to be a fair man when he clears Osha’s name after she once again finds herself in a compromising situation. So far, Jord has hinted that he wants to be recognized for his integrity. obedience and accurate knowledge of Jedi traditions

Tasi Lova

IN NovicePadawan Yord is played by the young actress Tara Schoen and until now she has been only faithful and obedient to the precepts of the Order. It’s accurate, direct and a cunning assistant during the investigation related to Osha.

However, he also demonstrates an amazing memory and considerable powers of observation. making her the perfect companion for her Master.

Master San

Played by actor Lee Jeong-jae, he is a Jedi Master who saved Osha Anisei’s life and later became her mentor. He has a decisive penchant for his exadava. Something that causes remind them often that such feelings are prohibited by the Order.

Saul was also directly involved in Osha’s rescue, so May also considers him part of the incident that changed her life forever. However, Sol does not consider her an enemy, but is ready to take care of her and save her. influences of the dark side, once growing up.

Jackie Lawn

Performed by Dafne Keen LoganJackie is a cunning, skilled Padawan with great strategic intelligence who is part of the team investigating May’s murders.

Assigned to accompany Jord and Master Sol, she had so far stood out for her ability to organize information and plan effectively. And for being brave enough to be heard. during the most difficult moments of the long journey of May’s search in which he participates.

Master Torbin

At the moment, the character played by Dean-Charles Chapman is one of the most interesting in the series. This is a Jedi Master who has not spoken to anyone for many years because he is in long-term meditation. surrounded by a Force shield that had been completely impenetrable until now.

But May manages to find his weakness, so the Master wakes up from a long meditative sleep to commit suicide and thereby pay. his obvious shortcomings are in the complex past of the novice.


Novice Kelnakk

Jedi Master Kelnakka (Jonas Suotamo) appeared for a few minutes at the end of the second chapter of “The Acolyte.” He is a Wookiee Jedi living isolated on the planet Khofar.

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At the moment there is not much data about its capabilities. This, although it is on May’s infamous list, Force-sensitives who must be killed.

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