If something surprised you Batman (2022) Matt Reeves, was supposed to show everything that the Caped Crusader universe could be. Especially when analyzing his surroundings and the character’s own life from a more complex, complex and brutal perspective. The result was a film that surpassed several of its predecessors in tone. He also carefully explored the most confusing and grotesque places in the world surrounding the anti-hero. Including the dark underworld of Gotham.

Something that brought one of the original comic book’s iconic villains to the movies—for a second time. This is the Penguin, played this time by Colin Farrell. Reeves’ version, far from the cartoonish and gothic tone that Tim Burton gave it back then, is much closer to the source material.

Namely: a criminal, obsessed with the desire for power at any cost. In the 2022 version, the sinister figure has suddenly become a wary criminal, willing to do anything to stay afloat in the dark world beyond the city’s law.

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The director’s approach was so complex that the Max platform immediately began producing a series exploring the character and his context. Which, moreover, has the advantage that, without being part of the central trunk of DC, it allows its director to exploit the villain in a harsher and more twisted way. That leaves the upcoming production, which opens this September, as an open door. analyze Batman and his world from a completely new perspective.

A figure with its own history

In the 2022 film, Colin Farrell’s character has a rather anecdotal involvement. Because he is part of the criminal underworld led by Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), his role in the film is more like a second-in-command rather than a central character. But one thing is clear: this perverted and manipulative man, He really wants to take Falcone’s place after his death.

Which allows Matt Reeves and his team to delve into the Gotham underworld universe from a sinister perspective. Directly related to what was told in The Batman, the director will use the criminal to explore Gotham in a new dimension. That is: through its criminals, their worst deeds and the idea that the city is always one step away from disaster. A theme that Reeves will try to explore in both the series and the upcoming film sequel.

In fact, the series will be directed by producer Dylan Clark. This ensures that much of the plot, as well as the tone, will be very similar to the plot. Batman. On the other hand, the showrunner will be Lauren LeFranc, whose work was popularized thanks to Agents of Shield.. And although there is no complete list of directors who will take part in the story, It has already been confirmed that Craig Zobel (Mare from Easttown) will be responsible for the first two episodes.

Release date of the long-awaited series

With two trailers released and a specific September release date, it’s already clear that Max is getting ready to turn into Penguin in one of the greatest episodes of the year. In fact, the CEO HBO and MaxCasey Bloys assured that the series, This will be the next major production after launch House of the Dragon.

This assumes considerable confidence in the history and popularity that this proposal may receive. Not only among amateurs Batmanbut for those who want to enjoy the series neo noir with all the elements to succeed. Much more when you connect directly with a larger universe like the one you Reeves is working on Batman and characters associated with his story.

The people behind the story

While the entire cast of the series has not been revealed, there are a few confirmed names. Among them, there are several that give an idea of ​​where the plot is going and what it will tell on the small screen. For now, Colin Farrell will reprise his role as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin. He is accompanied by Cristina Millioti as Sofia Falcone, Renzi Feliz as Victor Aguilar and Michael Zegen as Alberto Falcone.

All of the above suggests that Oswald will have to fight against the surviving Carmine (killed in The Batman) to demonstrate his leadership in Gotham’s criminal underworld. Also included in the distribution Clancy Brown as Salvatore Maroni and Michael Kelly as Johnny Vitti.

What is the movie “Penguin” about?

Nothing is clear yet, except Penguin Farrell will have to face the Falcons, led by the late Carmine’s daughter, Sofia, in order to gain power. All this while trying to survive the gang war that has devastated the city after the death of its most dangerous leader. There aren’t many hints about the characters yet, but considering their peers in the comic, Obviously, Sofia will be a character to watch out for in the story.

And although Batman partially modified by Falcone, one thing is for sure. It is obvious that the battle between the most terrible criminals will unleash an all-out war that will shake not only the city, but probably all the criminals from the Batman universe living in the city. All previous ones in the middle of a dilapidated Gotham, after the events told in the film, in 2022.

Will Batman be in the series?

Nothing has been confirmed at this time, although there are credible rumors that the character played by Robert Pattinson will make a brief appearance in one of the chapters. Of course, this is entirely possible, given that Matt Reeves wants both productions to complement each other.

At the same time, both may have common characters (besides the obvious) and common scenarios. But even without direct confirmation, we can only wait to see what might happen.

Is The Penguin part of the DCU?

According to James Gunn, neither Batmanits continuation or Penguin, are part of the central arc of the DC Cinematic Universe. In fact, he shares with joker and its continuation, the section called Another worldWith. So not only do they not share a common chronology, and the characters won’t interact with each other –or they exist in any case – in the same dimension.

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