Over the past decade, Apple TV+ has only grown. Starting with a catalog that was, if you will, restrained and focused on science fiction, its evolution now takes it to a new level. This includes comedies and international productions. One of the most anticipated, has a Spanish texture. On June 26 this year, it will join the platform’s collection. land of womena six-chapter series that also examines the phenomenon of publishing sales. It is a book of the same name, written by Telecinco presenter Sandra Barneda. This makes the production outlandish and one of the most anticipated of the year.

Both the book and the series explore female psychology from a humorous perspective. This, without forgetting the careful dramatic underpinnings, as well as the emotional look at the relationship between mothers and daughters, which is an important plot point. In particular, like the fiction on which it is based, the series is a journey of self-discovery. Not only about the bonds that can unite women from different generations of the same family. In addition, how this bond becomes stronger and more meaningful, in difficult situations requiring deep involvement.

We’ll tell you three things you should know land of women ahead of its premiere. From how Apple TV+ adapted the generational tale that caused a sensation when it was released to the participation of actress Eva Longoria, here’s a tour of the experiment that could become one of the subscription service’s biggest successes. Good news for Spanish manufacturing worldwide.

What is “Country of Women” about?

This six-part series, a mix of comedy and drama, tells a growth story spanning three generations of women who are all united by a difficult situation, but who will ultimately discover that their difficult moment is the perfect time to deepen their relationships. Much more to understand each other from a more generous, kind and sincere point of view.

Gala (Eva Longoria) socialite from New York City, who lives her days between shopping, superficial conversations with acquaintances, and strolls around the city. She also suffers from the dreaded empty nest syndrome as her eldest daughter becomes independent and starts university life. This brings the character to a moment of painful questions about his past and especially about his future.

What Gala doesn’t expect is that this whole calm and bitter scenario will change dramatically. That is, when her husband Fred (Santiago Cabrera) commits an embezzlement and finds himself in the middle of a dangerous situation that will force her to flee the United States, taking with her her mother Julia (Carmen Maura) and her daughter Kate (Victoria Bazua). The desperate journey will take them to Spain, specifically to the wine town of La Muga, located in the center of Alto Empurdà (Catalonia). Once there, the family will have to face a new way of life, as well as the possibility that everything What they knew before has completely changed.

What book is the series based on?

Apple TV+ production adapts book Land of Women (2014) by Sandra Barneda, a popular presenter at Telecinco. The novel, which was applauded at the time for its honesty, humor and emotion, tells the story of three generations of women united by misfortune. And although it has a mocking look at all the problems and potholes that its characters face, It is necessary to go through this, it is also a thorough study of women and their emotional world.

Moreover, the story delves into how the trio of main characters – mother, daughter and grandmother – must find a way to understand their differences and forgive their mistakes.

And this while they are being pursued by a mafia gang and two bumbling hitmen are trying to kill them. But beyond the laughs, there is Barneda’s generous look at love, friendship, motherhood and the passage of time. A journey – and not just on the road – that will change the characters’ lives andn searching for a sense of purpose and destiny.

Who is behind the credits of “Country of Women”?

The new Apple TV+ series comes from Unbelevable Entertainment, Apple Studios, and Bambú Producciones. The trio that promises that this adaptation will not only be faithful to the book on which it is based is, of course,but also a fascinating journey through a charming history.

Interesting fact: Bambu Productions was responsible for bringing the film to the big and small screens. Farina, The Alcasser Affair, Malasania 32 And Cable TV GirlsEveryone remembers the successes of recent years.

Source: Hiper Textual

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