The end of the mystery. Formula 1 And Manzana confirmed the official title of the new film starring Brad Pitt and is based on the top category of world motorsport. If you thought that the marketing and promotion teams responsible for the project would be looking for an extremely trendy name, you were wrong. The feature film will be released under the simplest title that was on the table: F1.

Choice F1 Put simply, it seems as logical as it is curious. Formula 1 has enviable brand recognition around the world, and in the first promotional image you can see that the name is stylized as the official logo of the category. What is striking is that it is presented in this way, somewhat blandly, for a public that does not usually follow racing.

It wouldn’t be unusual if subtitles were added in different markets to make the film more appealing to those who don’t know much about motorsport. In any case, this will probably only be revealed closer to the release date. Other information that Apple and Formula 1 have shared is that The first one will be launched this Sunday teaser from F1 taking advantage of the development of the Silverstone Grand Prix in the UK.

F1 has an address Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) and Brad Pitt plays Sonny Hayes, a veteran driver who returns to Formula 1 after several years away. His character is meant to mentor a young driver named Joshua Pearce, played by Damson Idriswho is part of a fictional team APXGP (Apex GP).

The film “Formula 1” about Apple and Formula 1 will premiere in 2025.

Formula 1 Movie, Apple and Formula 1 to Premiere in 2025 | Brad Pitt
Photo: Apple Original Films.

In mid-June it was confirmed that F1 It will be released internationally on June 25, 2025, and will debut in U.S. theaters two days later. The film will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, and after its theatrical run, it will become part of the exclusive Warner Bros. Pictures catalog. Apple TV+.

In addition to Apple Original Films and Formula 1, the feature film is being produced by Jerry BruckheimerBrad Pitt himself and the seven-time champion Lewis HamiltonFilming is still in progress and we will use the actual race weekend to complete the recording with the remaining teams in this category.

The cars in the fictional APXGP are actually Formula 2 cars modified with a Formula 1 aerodynamic package. Some on-track filming began at the 2023 Silverstone Grand Prix, with filming reprising its place in the UK this weekend. As announced some time ago, Brad Pitt and the rest of the main cast F1 They will take part in several other races before the end of the 2024 calendar, including the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which closes the season on December 8.

Besides Pitt and Idris, another bright name in the cast F1 be Javier BardemThe Spaniard plays the owner of the APXGP team who convinces Hayes to return to Formula 1 to help Pearce and try to lift the team out of the bottom of the standings.

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