Gladiator 2 — one of the most anticipated films of all of 2024. The film is again directed by Ridley Scottsaves the legendary story of the 2000 film. It won up to 5 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor in a Film. Russell Crowe. Your character, Maximum tenth meridiandied after a brutal battle with Emperor Commodus in the arena of the Colosseum in Rome. But his legacy lives on. And here’s what Scott wants to present in the long-awaited new project.

Thus, Gladiator 2 has already released its first official trailer. It does so just a few days after the first footage of the film was shown, leaving everyone’s mouths hanging open. This time, the film’s main character is Paul Mescal. Acclaimed actor After the sun, Ordinary people And Unknown puts himself in his shoes Lucio Vero. Fans of the saga will immediately recognize this name. And this is the nephew Emperor Commodus. That is, the son Lucillaamateur MaximumIn the original film, he was played by a little boy. Spencer Treat Clark.

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Despite his uncle, Pike He always showed extreme admiration Maximumwhom he considered a hero. He even helped, as best he could, to carry his body out of the Colosseum. Gladiator 2time passed and the boy became a man. As a baby, he was sent by his mother to the north coast of Africa, to a region called Numidia, which (at the time) was beyond the reach of the Roman Empire. A decision he never understood and which filled him with resentment. But now he must assert himself.

General Marco Acacio (Peter Pascal) will invade Numidia, forcing Pike to be a slave. Inspired by MaximumThe protagonist decides to fight as a gladiator, opposing the tyrannical government of the young emperors. Caracalla And Get. Near Mescal And Pascaldistribution Gladiator 2 it is made of Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn, Fred Hechinger, Lior Raz, Connie Nielsen And Derek Jacobiwhich come back as Lucilla And Senator Gracchus.

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Story Gladiator 2

Gladiator 2 will hit theaters on November 15th of this year. That’s 24 years after the original film. But that pivotal time period has proven to be a turbulent one for the film. As early as 2001, talk of a sequel to the acclaimed film starring Crow. Initially, the scriptwriters David Franzoni And John Logan will return and the plot will focus on Pike in search of the identity of his real father, Maximum. But time passed, and the project was never realized. Gradually, different ideas began to appear. Some of them are extremely strange.

At some point, the possibility of “resurrection” Maximum using concepts of the Roman afterlife. Performer Nick Cave he even wrote a screenplay called Christ the Killer (The Killer of Christ) in which MaximumFrom purgatory he was resurrected and became an immortal warrior in the service of the Roman gods. Character Crow He was sent to Earth with a mission to stop the spread of Christianity. To do this, he had to kill Jesus Christ and his students. Later in history, he even participated in the Crusades, in World War II, in the Vietnam War, and even today works in the Pentagon.

Gladiator 2

Luckily, this crazy idea Gladiator 2 It was abandoned, and for many years it was largely unknown whether the film would ever become a reality. Two decades later, Ridley Scott He achieved this, although Russell Crowe Don’t come back for a sequel. Expectations were high, but the veteran director made his dream come true and made the film. And after watching the trailer, the impression will not leave you indifferent.

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