Thor: Love and Thunder This is a movie that a 7-year-old boy would make,” a strong statement made by Chris Hemsworth. But before suggesting that this is a critique of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe feature film, the actor says it as a positive justification. for the overall tone of the production, above all for the director’s style – in addition to the script – Taika Waititi.

“This film is Taika gone mad. It’s like he’s been given the keys to the kingdom and someone thought, what if we let a seven year old make a movie? Well, let’s put it here, let’s do it here. He received a positive response to everything he offered. That’s why we have a crazy production in front of us now.”

In another interview, Waititi said something similar. He explained that Thor: Love and Thunder it is the equivalent of a movie based on the results of focus groups for six-year-olds. In addition, he explained that the original four-hour version of the film was quite stupid. Hemsworth also referred to this as absolute insanity. “After six months on set, you realize it was fun filming it, but you don’t have to include it all in the final cut of the feature film.”

Thor: Love and Thunder: A Declaration of Love to 80s Rock

In addition to approaching it as if it were a seven year old, Taika Waititi explained that Thor: Love and Thunder is a declaration of love for 80s rock. “The whole production aesthetic, we wanted it to be over the top, loud and colorful, reminiscent of 1980s rock album covers. Even the art for the movie’s title is something I’d draw in a school notebook.” It is no coincidence that in the trailers of the film you can hear sweet Child O Mine from Guns n’ Roses.

Surely this will not be the only song of the eighties in the soundtrack to the film. But we’ll have to wait until July 8th when Thor: Love and Thunder opens in theaters around the world.

Source: Hiper Textual

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