reached its final maturity weird things and with it a bitter drink. As suggested in recent weeks, season four ends on an ominous note. One that includes two significant losses in the series’ universe and a few particularly painful moments that have left fans baffled. The series, which has grown with the audience, decided that the new installment should explore and deepen its characters to the next level. This not only made them the focal point of the action, but also an elegant look at their connections and relationships.

Perhaps for this reason, the plot decided to fire two of them at the end of the season. Also finally complete the arc in third person. A symbolic way to build a completely new and much more mature space for your story. weird things he upped the ante in terms of the obscurity and harshness of his argument. But also, giving the story a certain sense of completion. And while one of the characters may return in season five, his loss – perhaps temporary – shows just how difficult his new phase is.

Especially when both figures distinguished themselves by the fact that they quickly became the favorites of the public. weird things he says goodbye to his most harmless and naive moments in order to reach a more edgy place in his plot. And finally, as it should have been, the turn immediately caused irreparable losses. Especially one that shows the show has crossed a point of no return when it comes to how it understands its own mythology.

A hero who says goodbye in the middle of a battle

As most fans feared, one of the casualties of the season’s events was Eddie Munson. The character, played by actor Joseph Quinn and Hawkins’ bandleader Rol, became an instant favorite. As a witness to the first murder of Vecna, and also in connection with all the mysterious events that will soon occur. Much of his involvement is in the complex plot of the season, which began with Chrissy’s death. An unexplained event that led him to become the first suspect in the crime, as well as one of those who came up later.

Over the last two episodes of the fourth season weird thingsEddie, still on the run, suddenly took charge of the future. He joined Hawkins’ gang to face the terror of Vecna. Also try to clear your name as much as possible and atone for your guilt. More than once, the character admitted that he was tormented by the fact that he could not intervene in the death of Chrissy. But also for running away. An item that for Eddie was a moral burden that he carried with difficulty and considerable suffering.

And finally, it was this decision to never run away again that led to his death. In the midst of Nancy’s complex plan to confront Vekna, Eddie faces a pack of bats in the Upside Down alone. This, of course, is a suicidal mission, which allowed the rest of the participants in the maneuver to buy time, but doomed him to death. “I didn’t run away this time,” he mutters to Dustin as he dies, trying to confront the horrors haunting Hawkins.

A strong woman in the middle of the monster’s territory

stranger things season 4 stephen king duffer brothers netflix dark

Another victim of the events described in the fourth season strange thingIt was Max, whom the villain mortally wounded. And though Eleven manages to get her heart racing again, It is not yet clear what will happen to the character. It was one of the toughest moments of the season. Especially when Max decided to offer himself as a scapegoat in order to attract Vecna ​​and deal with her destructive abilities.

But in the end, in the midst of the confrontation between Vecna ​​and Eleven, Max is seriously injured. By the time Eleven manages to help him, her heart has stopped beating for a moment. He also suffered several horrific fractures caused by the creature’s attack. In the end, Max ends up locked up, severely injured, and worse, locked up in her mind. And although Eleven is trying to find her, apparently in Max’s thoughts, so far there is only darkness. One that makes it clear that while it is possible that he will return, it is likely that the essence of the character is lost forever.

The final farewell to the character from Stranger Things

To the list of victims should be added the death of Martin Brenner, who was killed in the midst of the siege of Nevada by the US Army. In an attempt to save Eleven’s life, the character ran to escape and was shot by a sniper. An end more than announced for a controversial character who throughout the series has been a symbol of good and evil in the plot.

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