Fourth season weird things It had a brilliant finish that left us blinded. Opened the door to one at once, yes, fifth and final season. An event that will complete the series’ journey as a milestone in television. The announcement was made official by the publication of a letter written by the Duffer Brothers, creators of the series, in which they explained:

“Seven years ago we planned the whole story arc for weird things. At the time, we predicted the story would run four to five seasons. It became clear that it was impossible to tell everything in four, so the fourth season would be the penultimate one; the fifth will be the last“.

Netflix’s flagship productions have become more than just a mass phenomenon. In addition, in the before and after modern pop culture, which will try to last as long as possible, through possible spin off.

From his ability to analyze the historical fact of entertainment as a set of references, to creating iconic moments for the collective memory. The production has moved on to new territories that surprise with their possibilities and especially the doors that open to storytelling locations.

But especially the upcoming fifth season will be responsible for getting into the core concepts of the series. If something is of interest weird thingslies in its ability to retain the essence of its approach. This is despite lower tempo moments and frequent accusations that the basic formula of its premise is starting to wear out. But if the third season disappointed precisely because it bungled the show’s narrative difficulties with a simple approach, then the fourth bounced back in full form.

It was not only the most ambitious bid, but also most compact, best structured and connected with emotions. At the same time, it was possible to create an immediate feeling that the world of the series is beginning to prepare for fragmentation. with advertised spin off like a persistent rumor about the future of the series, the fifth season weird things You will have to go through all the known elements of her mythology in order to create a universe that can exist without her most famous characters. Or at least most of them. Can you get it?

At the moment, it is only clear that fifth of weird things the season is likely to be an event of colossal proportions for Netflix. What can we expect from the last embers of a story that has matured with its audience? Will there be a permanent change in the way its narrative core is presented? We will tell you about three possible scenarios that can tell about the upcoming last part weird thingsmaybe in two years.

The conflict will move beyond Hawkins in Season 5.

Vecna ​​(001 or Henry), played by Jamie Campbell Bower.

During the last two episodes, called “volume 2”, of the fourth season weird things, there have been a fair amount of hints as to what to expect in the fifth installment. Especially in Nancy’s chilling account of the vision with which neighbor tortured him while she was in his captivity. “I saw darkness. The monster armies are closing in through this darkness,” the character explained. From which it becomes clear that there is a significant possibility that the fifth season tells about the events that took place in Hawkins, in a new dimension.

Martin Brenner later explained to Eleven the possibility that if Vecna ​​is not stopped, an unimaginable tragedy would most likely occur. According to the character, the villain’s ability to open portals on his own weakened the boundaries between the upside down world and the real world. What, in addition, will provoke unprecedented destruction, which will destroy everything in its path. Something that Dr. Wells came to announce in the early chapters of the season, explaining to Eleven the coming danger. “It could destroy life as we know it,” he explained. In addition, he pointed out that the risk was much greater and closer than anyone thought.

Finally, the most obvious indication that Hawkins’ supernatural events would no longer be local came from an unexpected place. In the ninth episode of the fourth season, Vecna ​​devotes a long monologue to Eleven’s explanation of the nature of the reverse. Especially how he created a terrifying dimension filled with creatures with his power. And that, in fact, he has always been the one who is the cause of everything that happens in the dark dimension. In particular, the villain describes in detail his immediate plans. “Once I destroy Hawkins, I will destroy the whole world, and from the pieces I will build something new and beautiful.”

Given the terrifying landscape of the season finale, a full-blown attack on Vecna ​​would likely be impossible to prevent. After all, the vision of darkness spreading over the city is very similar to what Nancy told. As if that wasn’t enough, with what looks like the shadow of a Mind Flayer, it’s clear that Vecna’s power is greater. Or, at the very least, that the injuries he sustained at the hands of the Hawkins gang barely stopped him on what appears to be a fast-paced march towards destruction.

As the story turned into an epic battle between good and evil, the production was able to analyze a broad scenario. One that includes a spectacular and complete victory over Vecna, in a battle that becomes more than just a series of curious and purposeful events.

fifth season of the series

Eleven as the best superheroine of the fifth season weird things

It has been hinted at several points in the series that Eleven’s power is increasing. So completely and so quickly that once his powers were restored, he would be able to destroy the NINA structure and bring down the helicopter. Also, the extent of her powers allowed her to fight Vecna ​​and win through Max’s mind.

Also, Vecna, who controls the backhand, hinted that Eleven is “her match”. Everything points to the fact that, most likely, she used only a part of her power. Season 5 could be the perfect stage for the character to show his full transformation.

To the one, that? It’s still unclear how the writers will take Eleven’s growing power. From telekinetic abilities to the ability to open portals, the character has gone through various stages in recent seasons. The current one includes a massive increase in his gifts, including the strange ability to restore life that he has demonstrated with Max. However, this appears to be a partial capacity. For now, Sadie Sink’s character has survived, but her mind appears to be irreparably damaged.

Will we see Eleven able to “fly and move mountains” as Mike announced? Is there more to the ability to open and close portals that the character has already shown? It’s not yet very clear what direction it will take as the center of everything going on in the series. But one thing is clear: this is the only chance for success that the Hawkins group has. Perhaps peace?

Will Stranger Things season 5 show a multi-year jump?

One interesting point that the Duffer brothers made clear is that the fifth and final season weird things will take a temporary step. This is despite the sense of imminent danger he left behind in the last episode. But the truth is that there will be temporary changes in the next one. This may include the eventual separation of the group due to the destruction of the city.

But the important thing is that the series may lose some of its identity and, above all, it will finally show the adult side of its characters. The latter is something that the series has avoided in previous installments, and which in the fourth installment turned out to be more difficult than expected. With the premise of a group of children who analyze the inexplicable from naivety, maturity in weird things this is a complex topic. However, the fifth season will take the inevitable journey into the early years of its characters’ adulthood. There is also no choice, child actors in front of the cameras become adults, and it is impossible to hide it.

The question is, how will they do it? In a short conversation in the final chapter, Nancy and Jonathan talked about their move to college. Which could provide a guideline for where the series’ timeline is heading. Will we see their characters in five years? With the end of the decade approaching and a complete paradigm shift in every sense, weird things needs to be reviewed from the beginning. This is the core spin off?

It is not very clear what will happen to the inhabitants of Hawkins and his group of heroes who are still young, but no longer children. What is clear is that the destruction of the city left behind a direct idea of ​​the end of a long journey. So, start with something bigger, wider, and possibly more complex. As of now, Netflix has not announced a premiere date for the series’ fifth and final season. weird things.

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