Apple has just announced iOS 16, but you can already download the new version of the operating system on your iPhone. This is a beta version: the official launch of iOS 16 won’t happen until September. How do you download the beta version of iOS 16 and what should you consider when putting it on your iPhone?

To install iOS 16, you must be a member of the Apple Developer Program. This is a program especially for application developers. They can probably prepare their apps for the arrival of iOS 16.

While you can create a free account for the Apple Developer Program, you can only access betas as a paid member. A subscription of 99 euros per year isn’t exactly cheap. If you’re really looking forward to getting started with the new version of the operating system, you might consider signing up.

To join

You do this by downloading the Apple Developer app from the App Store. In the app, go to: Account and Select Register now and go through the steps. You become a member immediately after making your payment. Then you can go to the download page in your iPhone’s browser and you will immediately see which operating systems you can download.

If you are not a paid member of the Developer Program, see here No Operating System available for download so you can’t download iOS 16 yet. Also, you can only download the operating system if you have an iPhone 8 or newer.

Not a member of the Apple Developer Program? Then you cannot download iOS 16.

install iOS 16

then you go there Settingsapplication and tap Profile Downloaded To start the installation After this process, you need to restart your iPhone. You can then update your phone to iOS 16 by going to in the Settings app. General go and then Software update† Follow the usual steps and you will have the latest version of the operating system on your phone.


Downloading the beta version of iOS has some disadvantages. So, you’re about to install a very early version of the operating system with potentially many teething issues that make your iPhone unnecessarily slow. There is a possibility that some functions may no longer work properly.

So it’s always wise to make a good backup of your phone first. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest iOS 15 so you can always roll back if iOS 16 isn’t working properly.

Source: Computer Totaal

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