Thirteen years have passed since the first wrestling movie Na’vi for the planet Pandora (2009), the sequel will be released next December, also directed by James Cameron (2022), who is very relaxed about his new projects, as he hit the box office like no other, with titanic (1997). In fact, he himself threw her off the ground thanks to an out-of-this-world adventure film, and we’re yet to see where he goes. Avatar 2: Water Sense.

On the other hand, the Canadian director is not afraid of feature films either. pretty long. Aliens: Return (1986) is two and a half hours long; abyss (1989) and risky lie (1994), almost the same; above titanic he signed up for three hours and fifteen minutes, and they weren’t supposed to cut an important scene; own Avatar It contains two hours and forty-one minutes of footage and, according to James Cameronits continuation will surpass it.

But, due to the behavior of the audience in recent years in the era of gluttony in streamingwe have no right to complain Avatar 2. Or so thinks the director who told the magazine Empire what follows: “I don’t want anyone to complain about the length when they sit down to watch [televisión] at eight o’clock… I can almost write this part of the review: “An excruciatingly long three-hour movie…”. It’s like, “Give me a fucking break.”

James Cameron is confident that the length of “Avatar 2” is justified

20th century

I saw my kids sit down and watch for five hours straight” continues James Cameron and concludes: “This is a great social paradigm shift that needs to happen: getting up and going to the toilet is normal.” Well, if any of you ask us, the best way to get to the cinema is to evacuate first. Otherwise, we may miss important points. Avatar 2: Water Sense and on the other hand, he does not seem to be very respectful of this work, which does not concern us.

But so long and even a five-movie plan justified. “At the time, I told the Fox bosses, ‘I’ll do it, but we have to play big here.’ I don’t want to just make a movie and make a movie and make a movie. I want to tell a big story,” explains James Cameron regarding Avatar 2. “It meant a comparison with a certain literary saga.” One of hobbits Direction to Mount Doom, J. R. R. Tolkien (1955).

“I told them, ‘Imagine if there was a series of novels like Lord of the Rings and we will adapt them. It was great in theory, but then I had to create goddamn novels to adapt them.” From the words of the director it follows that his project is ambitious and narratively developed and for this reason he refuses to stop if he thinks he needs a lot of time to tell us a story Avatar: Water Sense. Warning received.

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