Bruno Carelli He is one of the key characters in Ms. Marvel. Perhaps in the long term, this will be the case throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s about a boy with a strong interest in science and technology, with an IQ higher than most of his classmates, and for whom the doors are gradually opening in a television story. One of them is California Institute of Technologybetter known in the narrative as California Institute of Technology (for their cycles in English).

As part of an adaptation that Marvel and Disney are developing into a series format, Bruno Carrelli has already received word that he could continue his studies at Caltech, an organization that first appeared in comics in The incredible Hulk No. 367, published March 1990. This is a key opportunity in the character’s story because it brings him closer to higher academic levels than he currently holds. For example, the one where Bruce Banner trained.

In the comics, Caltech is organized into six divisions. The focus is on science and technology. That’s why several key storytelling figures, some of whom we’ve already seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, frequently pass through this space. Added to the above banner is another name introduced recently in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness: Reed Richardswho did scientific research. He acted like Bruno Carrelli when he was very young. Was 14 years old.

Ms. MarvelCaltech
and the future of Bruno Carrelli

Although Caltech defines itself as an institute of technology, it operates as a research-oriented university. It has a private courtyard with a mixed approach and is located in Pasadena, California. In the story about Ms. Marvelthe news that Bruno Carrelli will have to move there causes controversy about the relationship with kamala khan because it separates them from each other.

Although Ms. Marvel He hasn’t fully explored the sentimental connection between the two yet, it happens inside the comics. Bruno Carrelli is not only her best friend, but also someone who has a love interest in her. This intersects with his desire to continue to develop in the field of science and technology. After five chapters, the separation between them has not yet occurred.

In the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the transition to different paths, updating different characters, there is still a lack of someone to fill the role left by Tony Stark. In this sense, given his characteristics and some of what was developed through comics, it is likely that Bruno Carrelli’s introduction to Ms. Marvel to have, as an end goal, to position it in a few years as a technological mind capable of taking the place left Hombre de Hierro.

How do they point to ScreenRant, Bruno Carrelli has already shown some of his IQ. He did it in the third chapter when kamala khan needs your help to understand interdimensional travel. Bruno then remembers an article he recently read, a text signed Eric Selvig (another codename in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Bruno returned to the text and studied it until he understood in one night with an ease that resembles Tony Stark when it came to various difficult tests. Let’s see if this scientific transition becomes more obvious in a few years.

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