Large platforms have a clear advantage. It’s allowing cinematic hits from all decades to coexist with each other in ever-larger catalogues. Such is the case with Max, which boasts not only the presence of some of Warner Bros.’s most iconic titles in its selection. at the best of times. Also expand your collection with a whole series of films that are of considerable importance in the history of cinema.

The platform, which is finally reaching Spain and other European countries such as Portugal, is able to bring together all kinds of diverse offers in one place. From landmark classics to the most modern and transgressive animated films. The truth is that the subscription service has a selection that you can even filter by topics, topics, and interests. HBO, Max Originals, DC, Discovery, Cartoon Network, many collections demonstrate not only the large amount of content available to the subscriber. At the same time, the platform will expand its offer and facilitate consultations.

Among all the above, there is also a collection of hidden gems, ranging from Hollywood’s finest to arthouse oddities, that you might be interested in checking out. We’re talking about five films considered recent classics that you can watch right now on Max. From one of the best Stephen King adaptations to one of Christopher Nolan’s least known and most challenging films. Everything to visit the most interesting places that the platform offers.

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Life imprisonment

The story was directed by Frank Darabont Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption Stephen King and turned it into a drama about hope and human will. It takes place in the middle of the lives of a group of prisoners in a brutal prison. But what seemed like an unlikely mix (in fact, it flopped at the box office upon release) Over time, this work has become unique.

Much more, in a sober, sincere and kind story about the transcendence of faith and the search for purpose. Reed (Morgan Freeman) is Shawshank’s oldest prisoner. Also, the man in charge of the prison’s shaky economy. Which leads him to meet Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), a banker who committed a terrible crime, which he, of course, denies.

But what begins as a complicated friendship between two prisoners will eventually allow them to explore life’s brightest places, even behind bars. Elegant in the most allegorical moments and brutal in the darkest. Life imprisonment This is one of the hidden gems in Max’s catalogue.

One of ours

Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece is also a complex look at human evil. Especially when your analysis focuses on twisted ambitions and the need for recognition.

All through his favorite themes such as Christian guilt, mafia hierarchy and crime. But One of Our Own is also a carefully crafted and meticulous look at the twisted nature of the violent underworld. And this is against the backdrop of a slow descent into hell for the main characters.

Henry (the late Ray Liotta) has dreamed of becoming a gangster since childhood. Which will force him to try himself in the world of crime in every way available to him. But when he achieves this, he will find that all the twisted illusions of power he has harbored will collide with a cruel and destructive reality. Which makes the film a rare combination of naivety and cruelty.


One of Christopher Nolan’s most famous films, but also one of the most controversial in his filmography. Accused of being more than conveniently similar to Satoshi Kon’s anime Paprika, which itself is an adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui’s book of the same name, it is a surreal vision of reality. But it is much more than that – a symbolic exploration of good, evil and the quest for redemption. And this is in an elaborate production that turns the dream world into a battlefield.

Cobbs (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the head of an organization that can penetrate the most intricate places of dreams to influence those who are sleeping. Which turns the human mind into a strategic territory that it controls together with a group of experts. But he himself suffers an irreparable loss, it will turn the spaces you dream about into nightmares.

Halfway between allegory and strange symbolism of responsibility, Inception is much more than just extravagant scenes. It is also a cautious argument that asks increasingly difficult existential questions. With a unique blend of drama and sci-fi, this is one of the gems to be found in Max.


Todd Phillips takes Batman’s nemesis and gives him a painful context that makes him a dramatic villain in a Gotham on the brink of social unrest. This pessimistic, dirty and realistic universe turns Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix, who won an Oscar for this performance) into a victim. From circumstances, from fear, from social cruelty and, ultimately, from yourself.

But also in an evil, vicious and unstoppable creature who will transfer his hatred and resentment to new regions and catastrophic places. joker it’s much more than just a superhero movie – which it is to a certain extent – and focuses more on twisted social criticism.

Thanks to elements of Martin Scorsese’s cinema and many other references to the brutal classics, the film manages to find its own identity. If you haven’t seen them yet or want to give them a second chance, you can now enjoy them in Max. while you wait for the premiere of its sequel, which will hit the big screen this year.


Another Christopher Nolan on the list. But this one in particular is quite rare. On the one hand, it was the film that caused the director’s break with Warner. after he insisted on releasing it in theaters during the height of the pandemic.

On the other hand, this is a story told so little that it is impossible to understand. The combination makes Dogma an extravagant example of science fiction cinema that also combines mythological and symbolic elements.If you weren’t able to watch it due to the pandemic emergency, you can now watch it on Max.

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