When one thinks about a film director’s tastes, one usually focuses on the films of his other directors, those who have influenced them to make their own contribution. But we forget that other arts are also felt in his work, from literary and pictorial storytelling to music. Therefore, we should not be surprised that in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) be heard various Guns N’ Roses songs.

If you enjoyed listening to “The Immigrant’s Song” from the album Led Zeppelin III (1970), during the most powerful sequence Thor: Ragnarok (2017), in its sequel “November Rain”included in Use your illusion (1991), on other similar circumstances of continuation. “When we started, we always knew that we needed a moment of the battle scene during its playback,” explains Taika Waititi. “Then one of our guys said, ‘Don’t you think we need more songs?’

“I have experience in independent filmmaking, and if you have ten seconds of a famous song, you are in luck,” the director continues. “And then I thought, ‘We should have more Guns N’ Roses songs! Songs by Guns N’ Roses and [personaje] called Axl… You think we need three more? and added to Thor: Love and Thunder This number: “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Paradise City”, and “Sweet Baby O’Mine”.from Thirst for destruction (1987).

Thor: Love and Thunder and Taika Waititi’s love for Guns N’ Roses

Marvel Studios

The musical output of the California band that vocalist Axl Rose and guitarist Izzy Stradlin founded in 1985 is not the only Taika Waititi used in the fourth adventure of the Thunder God. Our ears are also caressed by others from Enya, Ginger Johnson, Michael Raphael, ABBA, Mary J. Blige, Ciara and Dio. because the director He listens to everything from his youth. “At a young age, I was really into AC/DC and then Guns N’ Roses” and “that mix with Public Enemy and Anthrax.”

“I was already a big fan Public Enemy and Metallica… in the early nineties,” continues the person responsible for Thor: Love and Thunder. “When I was in school, I listened mainly to these two genres of music, just metal and rap. And that was the soundtrack of my childhood.” On the other hand, he remembers that he had a collection There is no alternative (1993) from rock alternative and New Zealand band Straitjacket fitand that his favorite was the American Janes addictionwhose shirt he was wearing.

“I still come home late at night and instead of going to Pornhub I go to watch old Guns N’ Roses music videos because loved the band“Taika Waititi admits. “But I think I still love this one when it was in Group, this is band: music video for “Paradise City”, with things like when the hair was long and combed.” As much as he loved Alx Rose’s compositions, it’s no wonder he included them in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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