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What movies to watch on Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ this weekend: El Sapo, Miles Morales and a Taiwanese terror


If you are one of those who will stay at home this weekend, if you are from Madrid, the activity options are very wide, but you may be a little bored as most channels broadcast as usual.

That’s why we come 3 recommendations from Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+, at least to pass the time a little faster while enjoying a good cinema.

We bring you a great documentary that collects the wonderful stories of one of the world’s most famous thieves. On the other hand, we come with an animated version of Spider-Man, starring the protagonist Miles Morales, and finally a Taiwanese horror version, so you have something for every taste.

Sapo SA Memoirs of a Thief (2022), Prime Video

Prime Video today includes this documentary about Jon Imanol Sapieha in its catalog under the pseudonym Sapo. spearheaded some of the most important robberies in our country.

And in this, the hero himself He tells us the ins and outs of his crimessheds light on the most surprising performances in its history.

owner 4 episodes here he will describe robberies such as the theft of the safes of the Banco Popular de Yecla branch using the butrón technique or the extortion of very valuable works of art from the armored bunker of Esther’s house in Madrid on Christmas Eve 1998. Koplowitz.

Hex (2022), Netflix


Be very careful because we will find a 100% Taiwanese horror movie. Ruo-Nan is our hero and He records a video to ask for help to lift the curse on his daughter.

“Due to my ignorance, I never thought it was my actions that brought the curse. The content below may contain some hidden dangers and risks, including recounting horrific encounters that took place six years ago.” he explains in this video.

From now on, he will begin to talk about how it happened, along with his fellow journalists since then, that caused this curse. they tried to debunk superstitious myths and share them on their blogs. However, things go wrong.

premiers today, July 8, on Netflix.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), Disney+

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -Film Art


Finally, we found this fun animated movie with an innovative visual style. He introduces us to Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales and the endless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where multiple people can wear masks.

In this story, Miles Morales has just started a new high school and is trying to fit in. back then He is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains certain powers similar to Spider-Man’s. He doesn’t know what to do with the powers or how to control them, so he naturally turns to Spider-Man for advice.

With The fate of the multiverse hanging by a thread, Young and completely inexperienced, Miles has no choice but to master his new skills and get down to business.

It premieres on Disney+ today.

Source: Computer Hoy

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