A fairly good DVR for a car with honest FullHD recording is Fujida Zoom Hit 2 (the second generation of the popular model). The “Duo” version also includes an additional rear camera in the kit, which is very convenient for capturing the entire traffic situation.

Another indisputable advantage over similar models is a convenient magnetic mount. In literally one movement, you can remove or install the device on the windshield. I note the compact dimensions – when installed under the visor or behind the salon mirror, the logger literally becomes invisible and does not distract the driver. There is a convenient menu, a parking function, supercapacitors, and in general, this model from Fujida presents itself as an excellent device with a high price-performance ratio.

Device Specifications:

  • Brand: Fujida

  • Model: Zoom Hit 2 Duo

  • Type: Car DVR

  • Features: Magnetic Mount, GPS Informant, Auto Start Recording, Rear Camera

  • Processor: Jieli JL5603

  • Array Type: GC2053 Sensor

  • Camera viewing angle: 170°

  • Main camera resolution: FullHD 1920 x 1080 at 30fps

  • Additional camera resolution: VGA 640×480 at 30fps

  • Screen: 2″

  • Attachment Type: Adhesive Tape, Magnetic Attachment

  • Power type: 5V cigarette lighter, super capacitor

The Fujida Zoom Hit 2 DVR comes in a compact package with a clean design and a detailed feature list on the back. Since we were talking about the “Duo” model, I will note an additional package with a rear camera in the kit.

The DVR delivery set includes: a magnetic windshield mount, a spare adhesive tape for mounting, a card reader, a tool, a power cable (to the cigarette lighter), a user manual and accessories.

The “Duo” version of this DVR is equipped with an additional camera. The kit includes a long video cable and the camera itself with a universal mount. The rear camera can also be used as a parking camera: an additional power cable (red +12 V) is provided to activate the parking mode.

As I said before, Fujida comes with a complete set of accessories: this is a replacement tape for both the main camera and the rear camera. a panel squeegee tool (used to route cables around the cab), a microSD memory card reader, a lens and screen cleaning cloth, wire mixers, and a camera frame mount rear.

The logger is extra compact: it measures 5.7 x 4.8 x 3.5 cm and weighs about 40 G. The massive lens hides the microphone and a complex lens system (5 lenses, glass are declared). The full user manual is quite detailed and in Russian contains useful information on the operation and configuration of the device.

I would like to note a modern Fujida glass lens with a wide 170 ° angle of view, which captures not only oncoming and passing traffic, but also part of the sidewalk or sidewalk. At the bottom of the case there is a block of buttons for menu and recording control, on the right side there is a memory card receiver. The magnetic mount mounts to the windshield in a convenient location, and the main part of the device is held in place by two powerful rare-earth magnets. The rear camera video and power cable connectors are attached to the magnetic mounting base.

The installation process is quite simple. We chose a convenient spot on the windshield so as not to block the driver’s view. If you use parking mode, you must position it so that the screen is visible when reversing. Accordingly, we install the rear camera for convenient view. The cigarette lighter socket allows you to charge smartphones, equipped with a USB outlet.

I note the presence of a parking mode, when the recording turns on only when movement is detected in the frame, saving space and energy. If you are in the habit of removing the DVR when you park for a long time, you can remove it in one motion, without disconnecting the cables.

Thanks to the magnetic mount, the DVR is easy to install. The case is fixed with magnets to the stand firmly. The previous model, Fujida Karma Pro S WiFi, has a similar magnetic mount.

When the power is started, the DVR automatically turns on and starts recording. The duration of individual videos is 1, 3, 5 minutes (configurable in options), writes cyclically, it is also possible to save in a separate folder of videos when the shock sensor is activated. An example of a front camera freeze frame.

The traffic situation is preserved in some detail, the viewing angle captures not only the oncoming lane, but also the neighboring passing lanes and the edge of the road/sidewalk. Car numbers are legible even from neighboring lanes. This is a definite plus for a budget DVR model.

For the rear camera, the situation is a bit simpler, the traffic situation is easy to read, all movements are visible and saved simultaneously with the front camera. The numbers are mirrored, but a directly approaching car can be identified.

In the video properties and still image properties, you can find the actual resolution in which the clips are saved. For the front camera, this is 1920 x 1080 pixels, for the rear one – 640 x 480 pixels. We can conclude that the declared characteristics of the manufacturer.

In the video version of the review, you can evaluate the work of the Fujida recorder in dynamics.

Therefore, a high-quality DVR is a guarantee to solve all the contentious situations on the road. The Fujida Zoom Hit 2 Duo model not only records in honest FullHD resolution, but also has additional control of the situation with the help of the rear camera. You can buy the Fujida Zoom Hit 2 and Fujida Zoom Hit 2 Duo models both in the official store and in Yandex.Market.

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A fairly good DVR for a car with honest FullHD recording is Fujida Zoom Hit 2 (the second generation of the popular model). The “Duo” version also includes an additional rear camera in…

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