The creator of the TV series on The Umbrella AcademySteve Blackman recently revealed which scene from the comics couldn’t be done because it was too expensive. We are talking about the moment when the boys collide with the robot Eiffel Tower and with the zombie version of Gustave Eiffel.

This particular moment in the comics was not captured in the TV series on The Umbrella Academy as it would have cost too much in terms of production and special effects. Here’s what Steve Blackman said about it:

There are so many things from the comics that we haven’t been able to do. We wanted to do the story of the Eiffel Tower with the kids who fought against Gustave Eiffel from the start. We also set aside the budget for these things, but at one point I sat down to talk to the team, and when I asked how much the scene would cost, I was shocked at the response I got.

And speaking of a possible fourth season, Blackman said:

The next story I want to tell has to do with one of the greatest mysteries in comics. Fans will probably understand.

The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix’s streaming platform.

Source: Lega Nerd

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