Who owns dogs he admits they are more affectionate than children and more communicative than partners. Those who have never had them find the deep bond that develops between exaggerated Men and dogs. And on what does this deep relationship depend?

Dogs are man’s best friend for genetics. The answer lies in two mutations in MC2R, the melanocortin 2 receptor gene, also known as the stress hormone.

A group of scientists in Japan have completed a study of interactions social-cognitive of 624 domestic dogs in two trials. In the first, the animal had to choose under which shell, between two, food was hidden based on cues from an experimenter. The purpose of the test was to assess how well the dog understood human communication. The second test was a test of Troubleshooting The animal had to try to open a container to get food. Researchers calculated how often and for how long the animal focused its eyes on the human.

The experiment with dogs was divided between the old group, that is, breeds close to wolves, and the general group, which is further away from wolves. In the first test, there was no difference between the two. In the second, however. The ancients looked less closely at humans, as they are closer to wolves and less attached to humans. Generals, on the other hand, are more recent breeds and have more communication with humans.

They also took a closer look at several of the dog’s genes. Particularly among those who follow the synthesis of molecules that influence social behavior. They are the MC2R gene, involved in the production of cortisol, then that of oxytocin and WBSCR17, involved in Williams-Beuren syndrome. Scholars found two mutations from MC2R They were associated with the correct understanding of human gestures in the coming test and the increased frequency of glances at men in the second test.

Source: Lega Nerd

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