Comedy can be based on different types of humor. If it’s Woody Allen, the laughter comes from the dialogue. Whether it’s from a silent film directed by Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton, or from Alone at home (1990) and farce, you can laugh at the physical nonsense going on on the screen. A combination is also possible, in which, in addition, surreal elements are included, such as the cries of the goats that appear in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).

Gear cutter and gear grinder they devote themselves all the time to making annoying cries. Why? Well, because it’s an absurdly funny feature that makes viewers more amused, like the laugh of the Laughing Horse in the animated series. (Disappointment (since 2018). And, of course, it gets quite a lot of attention, and it’s understandable that Jason Gerracio asked director Taika Waititi about it in an interview with the magazine. insider about the Marvel movie.

“We never imagined that they would scream. Goats were always supposed to be there because they are in the comics, but we didn’t know what they would sound like,” says the New Zealander at the head Thor: Love and Thunder. “Then someone in post-production found This is a Taylor Swift song meme in which goats scream. I didn’t even know it existed. So I heard the goats cry and I felt it was unbelievable. A lot of people think it’s me who screams. [Pero] it’s not me”.

From a Taylor Swift meme to Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel Studios

Screenwriter Steve Englehart and artist John Buscema created Grinding of Teeth and Grinding of Teeth for the magazine’s fifth issue. Thor Yearbookpublished in August 1976. Both some big animals, about six feet tall at the withers and weighing about 770 kg. They pull the Thunder God’s chariot, and their strength is commensurate with their size. And they can even damage Mjolnir, wielded here by Jane Foster. But we do not know anything about whether the Thunderer is equally.

“I think one of the vendors that made the computer goats just added a Taylor Swift song. I knew you were troubleand made by fans with a goat soundsand we thought it was a lot of fun,” continues Taika Waititi. “So it was just a snapshot of how computer creatures have evolved. It wasn’t meant for a movie or anything; it was just an update. And the scream was incredible.” So they kept them for Thor: Love and Thunder.

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