invisible agent (2022) is thriller the action that the show offers us is as reliable as what we might well expect from Russo brothers. Although so far, perhaps, dramatic cherry (2021) can still be considered Joe and Anthony’s best contribution to date. And what may not surprise us at all is that because of its capabilities, they want this film to Netflix the beginning of the saga produced by the platform.

It’s not surprising that two of the greatest artisans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.since so far they have made four feature films for him between Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and climactic Avengers: Edgame (2019). And, if they had already stated at the time that they would like to return to the franchise for a comic book adaptation Secret Wars (1984-1985), recently there has been talk of such a possibility for a fifth of the Avengers.

With a story of this magnitude that would include an event like the fourth, we don’t know if executive producer Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers will narrow it down to one feature, or at least offer to talk about it. we are paired as in the case of the Thanos genocide. But, with the prospect of continuing adventures invisible agent, we don’t know how the sequels will affect their filming projects for the Marvel franchise.

The Russo Brothers have a story to tell from The Invisible Agent


“Part of our motivation to put together such an amazing cast that can embody so many interesting characters was hoping to create some kind of universe in which you would like to follow them all, either forward or backward from this point in time that we captured in this first film,” Anthony Russo explained to us at a press conference. “So yes, I hope there will be more stories what to say in the world invisible agent“.

And not just for storytelling or commercial desire. According to Joe Russo, while James Bond adaptations add up to “about sixty years” and Jason Bourne’s to about twenty if only films with Matt Damon (2002–2016) as the lead actor are considered, not television mini-series. with Richard Chamberlain (1988), “this this is history modernorand “has a lot to do with some of the problems that are going on in the world right now.”

So if art reflects life, the Russo brothers want to contribute in that sense with a supposed cinematic universe about the intrigues of these CIA officers. Although invisible agent be pure entertainment. In addition, the younger of the two directors assures that “the character [de Ryan Gosling] extremely existential, quite funny, and we find that matches our sense of humor” in “films that today’s audiences would like well.”

The future of the saga is also in the collaboration of the team

invisible agent russo brothers netflix

But the future of this saga from netflix is not only in the hands Famous filmmakers and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who have already written their four films for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there are other influences as well. “It’s very important for us to work with the actors on the scripts,” Joe Russo also confirms at the press conference. “We want them to emotionally own the characters.”

“And everyone here is a great storyteller, as well as an amazing actor. They all have an incredible wealth of experience, and we encourage all of our employees to share that experience,” continues the Cleveland-based director. “Anthony and I like getting ready so we can throw things away,” throw them away, that’s for sure. “It’s a really old movie saying, so always we are available for what is happening at the moment“.

“If there is something organic or funny or someone says something funny, no matter where it comes from, and if it works with the character and works with the story, we will try it,” says Joe Russo. “And everyone’s here they brought dialogue, jokes, accents characters in a way that really completed the film and made it a lot more colorful.” This happens with art in which more people participate, and in the case of invisible agent it wasn’t going to be different.

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