HE office suite Microsoft has always dominated the office applications segment. However, with the arrival of new options, such as google software, to compete with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others, some consumers wonder if it’s really worth it to bet on the Office 2022 suite for working and reading.

Since 2011, Microsoft has provided a new way to access their main applications. Through Microsoft 365, a subscription package that provides access to the world’s most used office suite, consumers can benefit from some advantages beyond the use of main programs. But is this subscription worth it in the current context?

Next, let’s evaluate whether Office 365 is still worth the investment.

Office 365 or Office 2022 Suite?

Although these names are used interchangeably, there is a difference between them. Actually, there is a difference between Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365. Office Home and Student 2021The latest version of the company’s office suite.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription plan that gives you access to some benefits – more details below. Office Home and Student 2021 is a separate package that includes the classic version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

We will only consider Microsoft 365 as Microsoft itself is investing more in Office 365. It’s important to note that we will also consider the home use version of the plan – there are options for businesses as well.

What’s included in Microsoft 365?

The standard Microsoft 365 subscription plan includes:

  • Premium version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Outlook Premium Email and Calendar
  • 1 TB cloud storage on OneDrive
  • Enhanced authoring support with Microsoft Editor
  • Access to Microsoft Teams (chat and video calling app)
  • Ransomware file recovery and email phishing detection
  • Compatibility with Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC, Android tablets and smartphones

Who is Microsoft 365 for?

The main feature offered by Microsoft 365, access to main programs Professionals who need access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook have no choice but to opt for the subscription service.

Despite having rivals in height, these apps still to offer exclusive features for some people. The popularity and knowledge of the tools also makes it a safe and easy-to-use alternative.

The subscription plan includes not only individual but also families (ideal for up to 6 people) and companies of different sizes and offers new features in more advanced plans.

How to use Microsoft 365

You can test Microsoft 365 for free for 1 month, in this test you can choose to download only the software you use or install all the applications.

The big change is the login process required to verify your subscription to the programs. For example, when opening an Office 2022 suite software such as Word, an authentication screen will appear. Sign in with the same credentials you used to subscribe and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Office 365.

Is Office 365 the best option on the market?

Microsoft 365 focuses on offline use of apps

The main competitor to Microsoft’s subscription service Google Workspace. This offer also gives you access to your office suite with applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The biggest advantage of Microsoft 365 is that the programs are developed to be used offline, although they provide online forms of collaboration.

already Google software It is designed to work online directly on the browser page. Although they can be used without an internet connection (via plugins), the focus is on online collaboration and sharing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Therefore, although they compete with subscription plans, they serve audiences with specific needs.

First month of Microsoft 365 Free

Take advantage of a 1-month trial of Office Suite and find out if it’s the best option for you!

Image: Try Microsoft 365 for 1 month
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With the Microsoft 365 suite, you can create high-quality reports, essays, and presentations with smart assistance features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Source: Tec Mundo

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