A few days ago, an alleged Marvel leak claimed that Penn Badgley (ur.You) could be the next Reed Richards in the new movie fantastic Four. This, despite the now-famous cameo by John Krasinski, who played the character in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. But, being from different realities, there is still a chance that there is more than one version of the character. And also a slightly more complex vision of the future film at the door.

Other information of significant interest was released this week. Several insider showed that Marvel Considers Steven Spielberg Directing fantastic Four. This is a larger issue that will make the project not only the main goal of the fifth phase. At the same time, in a weighty production that could influence the rest of the productions that other rumors Marvel will release in the medium term.

The Spielberg rumor is the latest in a series of unconfirmed reports about one of Marvel’s most anticipated projects. This group of superheroes is one of the most iconic editorial comics in the world. But so far, any of his adaptations have had mixed results on screen. Especially after a significant critical and box office failure this suffered from the 2015 version directed by Josh Trank and directed by Miles Teller.

For the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and especially for Kevin Feige, an adaptation that kept the characters’ story alive was a matter of honor. But it is also a project of great importance in the face of the idea of ​​using the Multiverse as a driving force to complete the fourth phase and start the next one. A new version fantastic Four went through long way of meetings and disagreements. Particularly as the project’s ambition grows and its relevance to intertwined stories. We bring you some of the confirmed information about it.

A production that goes a long way from paper to screen

First news about the second reboot less than a decade fantastic Four appeared in 2019. The announcement explicitly mentioned that it would be a new superhero family invention to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This meant that the 2005 version and its 2007 sequel, which featured Chris Evans, would be ignored from official canon.

As well as the disastrous 2015, which involved Michael B. Jordan, the future Killmonger. The future version is aimed at mix traditional comic book history with the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Something could be seen in Reed Richards’ short clip starring Krasinski. But this time around, the movie should cover the origin story of the characters and also include Doctor Doom.

Curious data? In the first episode moon knight one could see what looked like Latveria, where the villain’s traditional stronghold was located. So it’s obvious that various Marvel productions are starting to move in certain directions, including characters. It will be soon? Not as many as you might think.

Dysfunctional family for Marvel

After the failure of 2015, another mention of fantastic Fourhappened in 2019. But, despite the enthusiasm that the opportunity generated and some mentions in the tables of future projects, it was not included in the fourth phase. So, most likely, the first official appearance of the superhero family will be in the fifth phase.. The announcement could come at San Diego Comic-Con, which Marvel has already announced it will be attending with big news.

There are certain signs that the studio’s projects are heading in that direction. Last October, Disney confirmed that Marvel would have four films in its plans. 2024. February 16, May 3, July 26 and November 18. There was no mention of a name moviesbut, most likely, one of these dates will correspond to the film’s premiere.

Is there a confirmed plot for fantastic Four?

Krasinski as Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four

It’s not here yet, but it will clearly tell the origin story of the superhero quartet. Of course, it is not entirely clear which version could be chosen to tell the story, but she will ignore the previous ones on the screen. Cause? Most likely, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to incorporate the characters into their current stories. And that includes acknowledging the emergence of traditional comic book villains like Ronan the Accuser Lee Pace, whom we have already seen in guardians of the galaxy D Captain Marvel.

With new faces for the gallery

Apart from Krasinski’s appearance and rumors of Badgley as his Earth 616 version, there is little information about the cast. Until recently, there were rumors that Emily Blunt – Krasinski’s wife – could play Sue Storm. But the same actress confirmed that while it’s a fan choice for the role, “there hasn’t been a call about it yet.”

But there are also persistent rumors that actress and director Bryce Dallas Howard was considered for the role. There are few versions of the rest of the casting, but most rumors suggest that these will be young actors and still low-key recognition.

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