premiere Spirited Awaywritten by Hayao Miyazaki turns 21. milestone in popular culture. At the same time, examining complex issues from a friendly perspective that is still relevant. With his unique personality, but especially his extraordinary sensitivity, in symbolic work by Studio Ghibli this is a work of art.

One that goes from sublimating the usual contemplative language of traditional Japanese animation to a more meaningful layer. Miyazaki has succeeded in creating a transition between the beautiful and the sublime, the innocent and the sinister, through confusing and powerful imagery. But also to recreate the path of an aesthetic look fueled by the idea of ​​the sublime.

Spirited Away It’s not just a good animated film; what it is, of course. it’s the same careful analysis of the narrative in which time and human nature collide with each other. Similarly, a careful search for the meaning of life, the transit of what we understand as valuable and which, after all, is a mirage. The condition that makes movie a pearl of the conceptual approach, as well as an actual vision of the emotional.

Perhaps for this reason, in many scenes of the film time seems to pass unheard. It slows down until it stops working. It speeds up and everything seems to be happening at the same time. It manages to branch out in new and strange directions, giving the story a unique personality. Whether because the title character does not lose his childish face, or because the surreal layer is very strong. Whatever the reason, history is suspended in a single layer of reality. Sophisticated, beautiful and surprisingly sensitive. An achievement that makes the film an achievement of a generation, as well as an exploration of cinematic language in all its manifestations.

Infinite Journey to New Universes by Hayao Miyazaki

Spirited Away

Japanese animation is considered, apart from being a form of formal artistic expression, a language in its own right. With its conceptual depth, aesthetic complexity and deep symbolism, it is perhaps one of the most unique visual manifestations of the Asian continent. Japanese animation has a profound ability to evoke memories. In addition, a unique narrative vision that makes the essence of any artistic creation an outstanding medium: storytelling.

One of the most representative figures in the long tradition of creators in the field of animation is without a doubt Hayao Miyazaki. It’s not just about the outstanding director, what the genre refers to. In addition, he is also an extraordinary screenwriter, giving all his works a recognizable imprint and exquisite sensitivity. And, more importantly, a deeply personal reading of art, aesthetics and language. Miyazaki turned animation into something more than its aesthetic.. He created a language, a cohesive structure of referents and metaphors, a completely new vision of a genre saturated with dimensions and rethinking.

Spirited Away

It is often claimed that Miyazaki found a way to bring more than just beauty to a stunning industry based on the flashy and aesthetically unusual. The director analyzes not only issues of considerable complexity, but also does so through a series of almost simple elements. Miyazaki goes beyond what the mainstream vision of the genre suggests to create something more; build sensitive, cautious, unforgettable allegories.

Especially, Spirited Away it is considered his most complex work, as well as his most personal. movie is told like a little gem of deep allegory. Miyazaki composes a fable about inner quest, initiation rite and loss of innocence. All the common themes in his filmography as well as in the genre. But this time with a whole new twist. The film moves smoothly to memorable scenes that follow one another. A journey in an unceasing search for a meaning much deeper than mere beauty.

Spirited Awaytribute to childhood

Spirited Away

The film is allegorical from beginning to end. Gradually, Chihiro moves forward through this strange vision of a divided reality. Along the way, he loses his parents – the source of all identity – and even the notion of what is real and what is not. Chihiro matures slowly, with effort; under the inexorable hand of a sinister witch. The obvious boundary between the human world and what lives beyond it. For the director, the idea of ​​a time traveler goes much deeper than just a plot point of interest. This is a big question about human nature, its importance and beauty.a.

The animation is great too. masterpiece of backgrounds and landscapes, even the meticulous delicacy of the characters. However, it is not only about its aesthetics, but also about the plot depth that accompanies and supports the visual structure. From a train with ghostly passengers to a dragon being devoured by origami figures, the entire film is an allegory of tenderness. Also to the infantile universe and the delicacy of the human spirit. A work of art that, twenty-one years after its premiere, is still unrepeatable.

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