After Daniel Craig played the role of James Bond a great debate arose about which actor could collect the inheritance, and among the various hypotheses, there was also a female version of the character, but a protagonist of the last film, that is Ana De Armasargued that there is no need for a female James Bond.

Here are his words:

There is no need for a female version of Bond. There is no need to steal the character that belongs to someone else. These are stories from novels and a fantastic universe in which the main character is a man. I like female roles in Bond movies, and I think the main character should be a man, maybe in a different version.

The words of Ana De Armas come after that, until a few months ago there was a spin-off version of James Bond starring the character of Ana De Armas already featured in No Time to Die. Here are Barbara Broccoli’s words about it:

The success of these movies has always been tied to the main character, and so far there has never been a spin-off, and I don’t think there are any plans to do one in the future. But you never know.

Source: Lega Nerd

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