The results of the MEDGI-Carb study conducted by researchers at Avellino’s Cnr capture a surprising novelty. A eating pattern until low glycemic index could prevent diabetes mellitus type 2. The study is in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples and the Universities of Purdue, in America, and Chalmers (Sweden). This theory was evaluated by the glycemic profile of people who were overweight but without diabetes. The blood glucose profile was influenced by diet.

Research was helpful in identifying food until high glycemic rate. It’s polenta, potatoes, pizza, white bread, rice. So people with diabetes should cut back on these foods after meals. The ideal would be foods rich in fiber such as legumes, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. In addition, pasta, precooked rice and wraps are too.

The new study involved 160 overweight people who were at risk of developing diabetes. They come from Italian, Swedish and American universities. Each of them was given a grain-based diet with a different glycemic index for three months.

To facilitate dietary adherence, high or low glycemic index products were provided free of charge to study participants and their patrons. As we had assumed, the daily glycemic profile, measured from samples taken hourly before and after breakfast and lunch until late afternoon, increased after three months of a diet containing high-glycemic index foods. , while it remained unchanged in those assigned to the low-glycemic index diet. The most notable difference between the two groups was recorded for the glycemic response after lunch, which had nearly halved by the end of the experiment in the group on a low-glycemic index diet.

Giuseppina Costabile, co-author of the study

The result was confirmed by continuous blood glucose measurement with a sensor on the arm.

Source: Lega Nerd

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