One of the most striking productions of recent releases from Marvel Studios and Disney was What if…? (What if…?). Some time ago, it was confirmed that it will have a second season. This was announced on July 22, 2022, when there were no images of her yet, during Comic-Con in San Diego which will have a third season on the Disney Plus platform.

What if…? It was the first animated series developed by both companies that explored various possible scenarios for the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on the films. During the most important event in the comics industry, it was also announced that the second season will be released in the first months of 2023.

According to information provided through a specialized account Movie discussion, one of the episodes of the second season of the series What happens if…? bear the following heading: “What would happen if Captain Carter to fight with Hydra Stomp? This character, Captain Carter, was the first to be introduced in this series. Then, in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnesswas presented in code live action.

Details about the second season What if…?

During San Diego Comic-Con, in addition to the presentation of the trailer I am Grootgive details about Marvel Zombies and state that the third season What if…?, it was also announced that the number of characters present will be increased in this series. The chapters it will have will cover the following scenarios or characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

  • There will be at least one chapter dedicated to Hi
  • There will be a confrontation between OneThor’s father vs. Mandarin,
  • One of the chapters will describe a scenario in which Captain Carter and winter soldier they know each other.
  • There will also be a story about Tony Starkwho will be in sakaar FROM Valkyrie D Hulk

First season What if…? premiered on August 11, 2021. The series had nine chapters that recreated various possible scenarios for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the series was not originally intended to have an impact on the narrative of films and series. live actionsome relationships can be found between both sexes.

In this first season, a universe was chosen in which Ultron appears as the main villain, taking over the Infinity Stones and the Cosmic Gauntlet. This leads to the different Avengers going into action, and the character of Doctor Strange gaining significant importance in the story. This series is available on Disney Plus.

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